LINE app gets set of pixel Sonic stickers/sounds

With Sonic Mania on the way out, SEGA wants to make sure they promote old-school Sonic as much as possible. That includes a new set of 24 Sonic pixel stickers for the LINE mobile app. These stickers event include old-school sound effects to go with them!

Nintendo's demo booth at the Kansai International Airport - more pics

We've already given you a look at this special booth, but you can check out another photo gallery right here.

Monster Hunter Stories - EU box lacks amiibo branding

When we shared the Monster Hunter Stories North American box with you, we noted that the amiibo logo was in place. That not only indicated amiibo support, but it gave fans hope that Capcom's line of gorgeous Monster Hunter Stories amiibo would head stateside as well.

Now, as you can see with the EU box above, the amiibo logo isn't included on the box. Are our friends in the EU going to be left out, is this simply a mistake, or was the amiibo logo on the North American box a mistake to begin with?

ARMS - Famitsu print advert

This is actually the fourth print advert Famitsu has had for ARMS. Have we seen any other print ads for magazines here in the states?

User-submitted video reviews - 6/24/17 (Arms, Has-Been Heroes, Booty Diver)

We've had quite a few people reaching out about sharing their video reviews. These videos may not be from big-name outlets, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth your time. Perhaps today's the day you find your new favorite video reviewer! That's why we're sharing video reviews from two different GN readers, Twinworld and Game Away. Check out their work below, and always feel free to send in your own video reviews. We'd like to start doing a weekly feature where we round up your reviews and share them with everyone else on GN!

GoNintendo Video - My Parents Play: Death Squared

Some games are just made for Parents Play episodes. Their mechanics lead themselves to all sorts of wonderful moments. Death Squared is one of those games. Please enjoy over 20 mins of footage from the Switch version of Death Squared, brought to you by my parents. Watching them try to tackle single player through co-op is a thing of absolute beauty.

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What happened to MercurySteam's original pitches for Metroid Wii U/3DS games?

If you'll remember, there was a rumor many years ago that MecurySteam was trying to work on Metroid games for Wii U and 3DS. Now we see that MecurySteam is working on Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS. Obviously this talk stirred back up those old rumors, which really aren't rumors anymore!


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