Pokemon GO - Raid Battles now open to Level 25 players

Seems like Niantic has been quick to respond to level requirements being too high for Raid Battles. You can now get in at level 25 or higher, but I bet we see another 5-level drop in the near future.

LINE app gets set of pixel Sonic stickers/sounds

With Sonic Mania on the way out, SEGA wants to make sure they promote old-school Sonic as much as possible. That includes a new set of 24 Sonic pixel stickers for the LINE mobile app. These stickers event include old-school sound effects to go with them!

Nintendo says more Switch games to be announced, Switch stock, Wii U ports, Animal Crossing mobile on-track

A portion of a Vice Waypoint interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

Waypoint: So, Reggie, great to see you again. E3 2017 is here, and for me the big push for Switch this year, for Nintendo this year, was, at least for the Spotlight, was "Hey, we have Switch games coming. We have a lot of games coming this year, a lot of them are multiplayer focused, and by the holiday, we will have a really respectable catalogue." And then there were also a few gestures towards the future: Yoshi, Kirby, Metroid Prime 4, Pokémon. And I'm curious what you thought of the response to those promises so far. Has that been largely positive, or mixed, or–

RFA: The response to what we've showcased, and it really is just a small tip for 2018, has been exceptionally positive. You've got fans seeing Metroid Prime 4, hearing that Mr. Tanabe, who's been involved in all of the Metroid Prime games, is going to be at the helm of that, the fans are tremendously excited. To hear that there's going to be a core Pokémon RPG experience on the Nintendo Switch, the fans are incredibly excited. To see a traditional Kirby experience, with him inhaling enemies and copying abilities, fans are excited about that. And then the Yoshi game that we showcased, with that unique, you know, motion to go "behind-the-scenes," so to speak, has people really intrigued. So just by showcasing those four games, and giving a little bit of a taste, yeah there's a lot of excitement to what 2018 can hold.

But to be clear, we look at E3 in the here and now. Our focus is on games that are largely going to be available between now and the end of the holiday season. And when you look at that lineup, there's a strong game coming literally every month, starting tomorrow with Arms, and then Splatoon 2, then in August is the Mario + Rabbids game, September, October with Super Mario Odyssey. We've got that great pace of content, and I can tell you there's more to be announced.

Waypoint: So, three things there actually to jump off of, first let's talk about getting more Switch hardware to the marketplace. You committed this week that you're going to kind of, pump-up more production, get the Switch out there. In plain words, what happened there? Was that just kind of running things really tightly, running the ship as tightly as possible, was it a discrepancy in the understanding of demand?

RFA: So, again, to unpack this, for March we had publicly committed that we would sell-in 2 million units. Where actually, we sold-through, so not even sell-in, sold-through 2.7 million units.

So, clearly that's a signal that we are aggressively producing the hardware. You look at what we've now committed for the next twelve month time frame, 10 million units, what's interesting is if you look at that roughly 54 week time frame, that includes just one holiday season, that means that we will have sold into retail roughly, roughly 13 million units. That's about the same as what we did for the Wii, to put it in perspective. So, we're talking large significant numbers that we are producing, that we are flowing into retail. So it's not a situation where we've somehow under called the production or had some issue. It really is a situation where the demand is extremely strong and we're working hard to catch up.

Waypoint: So, the second question I have that jumps off of that previous one is that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is doing incredibly well, that's also, there's obviously some new stuff there but, much of that game was available on the Wii U, and I think it took a little time for me to wrap my head around why it was coming out so soon on the Switch, and then I realized, well, completely honestly, a lot of people didn't play a lot of great Wii U games. Can we expect more of those Wii U games to find a home on the Switch, as a way of reaching a larger install base?

RFA: What I would say is this: the observation you have that, given the install base of Wii U, there was some fantastic content that consumers did not get to play. So that creates certainly a business opportunity. On the other hand, one of the things that we've discussed internally is, there really needs to be an additional element to that game to make it fresh, and to further compel the consumer to buy in.

I think the best example of that is Pokkén Tournament Deluxe. Additional fighters, that gives the fan a reason to buy into it. Same is true with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, providing a mode that the consumers wanted in terms of a better battle mode, that was then included in that game. And so, I think the way we will continue to evaluate this is: yes, do we have opportunities with great games that maybe were not played as broadly on the Wii U, but then what's the plus alpha that's going to make it really compelling for the consumer?

Finally, Reggie comments on Animal Crossing mobile being on-track for this year...

RFA: So, specifically now, Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing development continues quite strongly, the teams are very excited about what they have. It's an application that is going to launch this year, as we've committed. And we'll be sharing more information in due course. We believe, just as we've seen with Pokémon Go, just as we've seen with Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, we believe that the application will help broaden the user base for Animal Crossing, and it's going to end up having a positive impact on our dedicated video game business of Animal Crossing.

My Nintendo Japan - update for June 23rd, 2017

Nintendo 3DS/Wii U software discounts
– 20% off Miitopia (3DS) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥5,076 → ¥4,060) 800 PP
– 30% off New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥4,937 → ¥3,455) 110 GP
– 50% off Super Mario World (n3DS) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥823 → ¥411) 30 GP
– 50% off Super Mario Bros. (3DS) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥514 → ¥257) 20 GP
– 30% off New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥6,156 → ¥4,309) 140 GP
– 50% off New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii U) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥2,700 → ¥1,350) 100 GP
– 50% off New Super Mario Bros. (Wii U) - ends 30 June 2017 (¥950 → ¥475) 35 GP
– 20% off Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii U) - ends 05 July 2017 (¥2,700 → ¥2,160) 40 GP
– 20% off Pikmin (Wii U) - ends 05 July 2017 (¥2,700 → ¥2,160) 40 GP
– 20% off Pikmin 2 (Wii U) - ends 05 July 2017 (¥2,700 → ¥2,160) 40 GP
– 20% off Odoru Made in Wario (Wii U) - ends 05 July 2017 (¥2,700 → ¥2,160) 40 GP
– 40% off Picross e5 (3DS) - ends 31 July 2017 (¥500 → ¥300) 150 PP
– 40% off Picross e6 (3DS) - ends 31 July 2017 (¥500 → ¥300) 150 PP
– 20% off Momotaro Dentetsu 2017: Tachiagare Nippon!! (3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥5,378 → ¥4,302) 80 GP
– 20% off Tank Troopers (3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥800 → ¥640) 120 PP
– 40% off Fire Emblem Thracia 776 (n3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥926 → ¥555) 30 GP
– 40% off Fire Emblem Gaiden (3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥514 → ¥308) 15 GP
– 20% off Katachi Shinhakken! Rittai Picross 2 (3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥3,240 → ¥2,592) 500 PP
– 40% off Katachi Shinhakken! Rittai Picross 2 (3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥3,240 → ¥1,944) 100 GP
– 40% off The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (n3DS) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥926 → ¥555) 30 GP
– 40% off The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Wii U) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥1,234 → ¥740) 40 GP
– 40% off The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Wii U) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥1,234 → ¥740) 40 GP
– 40% off Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (Wii U) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥926 → ¥555) 40 GP
– 40% off Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (Wii U) - ends 31 August 2017 (¥926 → ¥555) 40 GP

All Fire Emblem Heroes rewards
– 10 Orbs (mobile) - indefinite (1 redemption ever) 0 PP
– 500 Universal Crystals (mobile) - indefinite 100 PP
– Stamina Potion (mobile) - indefinite 100 PP
– Light’s Blessing (mobile) - indefinite (3 redemptions) 100 PP
– Dueling Crest (mobile) - indefinite 100 PP
– 500 Universal Shards (mobile) - indefinite 100 PP

All Super Mario Run rewards
– Toad (mobile) - indefinite (1 redemption ever) 0 PP
– 1000 coins (mobile) - indefinite 60 PP
– 2000 coins (mobile) - indefinite 100 PP
– 3000 coins (mobile) - indefinite 140 PP
– 5 Toad Rally Tickets (mobile) - indefinite 150 PP
– 10 Toad Rally Tickets (mobile) - indefinite 250 PP
– White Flower Patch (mobile) - indefinite (99 redemptions) 30 PP
– Block E (mobile) - indefinite indefinite (10 redemptions) 100 PP
– Gold Mario Statue (mobile) - indefinite (1 redemption) 300 PP
– Gold Bowser Statue (mobile) - indefinite (1 redemption) 300 PP
– Gold Peach Statue (mobile) - indefinite (1 redemption) 300 PP

All Miitomo rewards
– Miitomo Drop game ticket (mobile) - indefinite (5 redemptions per month) 85 PP
– 5 Miitomo Drop game tickets (mobile) - indefinite (2 redemptions per month) 450 PP
– 10 Miitomo Drop game tickets (mobile) - indefinite (1 redemption) 250 PP
– Long-Sleeved Raglan Logo T-Shirt (mobile) - ends 31 July 2017 (9 colours) 150 PP
– Fish Brooch (mobile) - ends 31 July 2017 (3 colours) 100 PP

Software and digital content for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
– Nintendo×JOYSOUND Wii Karaoke U 1 hour ticket (Wii U) - indefinite 100 PP
– My Nintendo PICROSS The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (3DS) - indefinite 1,000 PP
– My Nintendo Theme 1: Mario (3DS) - indefinite 200 PP
– My Nintendo Theme 2: Donkey Kong (3DS) - indefinite 200 PP
– My Nintendo Theme 3: Link (3DS) - indefinite 200 PP
– My Nintendo Theme 4: Samus (3DS) - indefinite 200 PP
– My Nintendo Theme 5: Shizue (3DS) - indefinite 200 PP

All Nintendo Switch rewards (Coming Soon)
– Splatoon 2 FA-11 Custom Gear (Switch) ??
– Splatoon 2 Ika V Collaboration Gear (Switch) ??

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for June 23, two new Summoning Focus events

- two Summoning Focus events are now available
- The War of the Clerics, Block A
- features Maria, Lachesis, Elise and Sakura)
- The War of the Clerics, Block B
- features Clarine, Priscilla, Mist and Lissa
- both available until July 3

Miitomo - content update for June 23rd, 2017

‘Attack of the cuteness! Delightful Dinosaurs’

- Dinosaur Badge Parka
- Ammonite Long T-Shirt
- Dinosaur Cowl Hat
- Dinosaur Costume
- Skater Print T-Shirt
- Dungaree-Effect Trousers
- Two-Tone Stripy Slip-Ons

Pokemon GO - Gym update available

Thanks to GameFreak613 for the heads up!

Pokemon GO cheaters find workaround for slashed Pokemon, Niantic quickly squashes it

As we reported already, Pokemon GO cheaters were finding that their ill-gotten Pokemon were marked with red slashes. That way everyone would know they weren't legitimate captures. Not surprisingly, cheaters found a quick workaround. The slash would disappear if you evolved those Pokemon.

As soon as that evidence popped up online, Niantic was quick to fix the issue. What was the solution? Those with slashed Pokemon can't evolve them!


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