Microsoft's Major Nelson shows some love for Switch

For those who don't know, Major Nelson is Director of Programming for Xbox Live. The Major has taken to Twitter to share some Switch love, as you can see above. Even when the power is out, with the right set of tools, you can get some gaming going on the Switch!

Epic working on a fix for Fortnite's marker issues

It seems that Version 7.40 for Fortnite introduced an issue with markers/waypoints. Sometimes markers won't appear at all, and other times the marker color for teammates is incorrect. Thankfully Epic is aware of the issue, and a fix is on the way. Let's hope that fix comes out with next week's update.

Did You Know Gaming - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Super Smash Bros Ultimate in one of the best selling Nintendo Switch games and was developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd.

GhoulBoy - another round of gameplay

Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired style action platformer. Exciting new platformer that combines the action-RPG genre with hack 'n' slash gameplay. 2D action, heroic characters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these all seem to excite players a lot.

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 706 records LIVE at 3:15 PM EST

I think it's going to be a two-man show today! We always love having you guys come in and watch live, but it's even more appreciated when we're running with a smaller-than-usual crew. We go live at 3:15 PM EST, and we'd love to have you!

EDGE #330 - review scores

The ever-harsh EDGE is back with another round of review scores. Here's the latest titles to get the once-over from the EDGE team.

Wargroove - 6
Slay the Spire - 8
Unruly Heroes - 4

Funko wants to work with Nintendo on Nintendo-themed Funko Pop! figurines

It's hard to believe, but Funko doesn't have any Nintendo-themed Funko Pop! releases. The figurine that seems to have covered every pop culture brand under the sun is still waiting to work with the Big N on a line of characters. While nothing is announced at this time, baby steps have happened in terms of Funko's deal with Pokemon Co. for a line of figurines. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti had this to say about the matter.

“We still have to get those Nintendo characters. To build that relationship is super important to us. We all grew up playing Pokémon, with so many fans around the world, it’s amazing to land that license finally.”

Square-Enix grabs Secret of Mana trademark in Japan

Well that makes everything come full circle, doesn't it. Square-Enix has grabbed a trademark for Secret of Mana in multiple regions already, but today they've look to grab the trademark in Japan. With all the Secret of Mana-related trademarks the company has been scooping up lately, there's no doubt some sort of announcement is on the way. Let's just hope it ends up including Switch.

CyberGadget releasing USB Controller Multi Tap for Switch

CyberGadget has revealed yet another Switch accessory. The USB Controller Multi Tap lets 4 USB players connect to one hub at the same time. The USB adapter wire is 40cm long, and plugs right into the Switch dock. It's set for release in Japan on April 30th, 2019.

Zoids Wild: King of Blast - Scorpear trailer

The Zoids Wild: King of Blast trailer above features the S-type zoid ‘Scorpear.‘ Scorpear's finishing move involves calling in its partner, Spideath, to inflict some over-the-top damage to its opponent.