Fire Emblem Heroes updated to Version 4.7.0

Fire Emblem Heroes has been updated to Version 4.7.0. Check out the full patch notes below.


・ Auto-Dispatch added to Aether Raids
・ Lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals updated
・ New weapon skills and weapons to refine
・ Aether Raids, Aether Resort, and Mjölnir's Strike updated


Auto-Dispatch feature added to Aether Raids This feature allows you to dispatch a single raiding party that will automatically battle a computer-generated team of foes.

The lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated! Players will be able to obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 7) from events and exchange them for an updated lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals using the Compile Combat Manual feature.

New weapon skills and weapons to refine!

Dark Royal Spear (Berkut: Prideful Prince)
Crimson Axe (Sheena: Princess of Gra)
Gloom Breath (Corrin: Fateful Princess)
Beloved Zofia (Celica: Imprisoned Soul)

Aether Raids and Aether Resort are being updated

Some structures will have their level cap increased.
Tactics Room (O/D): up to level 7

Aether Resort is being updated.
Three new songs are being added to the Concert Hall.

Mjölnir’s Strike being updated

Some mechanisms will have their level cap increased.
Ljósálfar Garden: up to level 4

Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails Heroes will be summonable via Heroic Grails:

Ashnard: Mad King
Hinata: Samurai Groom

Other Changes

Duo and Harmonized Hero sprites will be slightly smaller.
The Assist Skills in Auto option will be added to Settings and can be set to On, Off, or No Move Skills.
Options for various Home Notifications will be added to Settings.
Hero Check button will be added to the summoning screen. This allows players to preview the profile screens of Heroes appearing in the event.
In Ver. 4.7.0 onward, rewards for Resonant Battles seasons will become obtainable at each season’s end.

RetroMania Rumble shows off animated wrestler intros

From parts unknown...

RetroMania Wrestling is going to include quick intro animations for all the wrestlers included. Every wrestling fan knows just how important and iconic wrestler entrances can be! See what these retro wrestlers have to offer in the latest video above.

Fire Emblem Heroes "Special Heroes (Overseas Memories)" trailer

Looking for another round of Fire Emblem Heroes? The 'Overseas Memories' heroes are on the way! Check out the trailer above to see who's included.

SuperGroupies reveals The World Ends With You merch

The World Ends With You is having a real resurgence lately. Fans begged for more of the franchise for years, which lead to mobile ports of the original game, and then a Switch revamp. That was followed by the announcement and reveal of The World Ends With You: The Animation, an anime slated for 2021. Now we have even more TWEWY goodness with a new merch line from SuperGroupies.

SuperGroupies has revealed a line of The World Ends With You merch that includes multiple variations on backpacks, watches, and wallets. You can preorder the items now, with bags and wallets due to ship out in Nov. 2020, and watches sometime in Dec. 2020. Check out the various designs here.

Rogue Company alpha codes now being sent out

Going Rogue today

An alpha for Rogue Company, a multiplayer, cross-platform, third-person shooter from Hi-Rez, was announced some time ago. People have been waiting patiently for that alpha to arrive, and it seems like now's that time.

Hi-Rez is starting to send out emails today with alpha code access. It seems that footage is and impressions are locked down for some time, and the alpha will be running until July 13th, 2020. If you signed up for an alpha, keep an eye on your inbox!

Everyday Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family releasing in North America

What's on the menu?

Everyday Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family has been confirmed for Switch release in North America. The title was revealed for Japan awhile back, but now Aniplex has announced a North American release, but they haven't shared a date yet. We can look forward to more information via the official English website for the game.

For those who missed the game's reveal, Everyday Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family is a game based on the Fate/stay night spin-off manga. The game's theme song, “Tabete Ageru,” is being done by Sangatsu no Phantasia, who also wrote the ending theme song for the Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family anime. The game's development is being handled by GRID.

Concept artist for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker says a set piece for Babu Frik was inspired by the Game Boy

Babu loves portable power

Concept artist Matthew Savage did some work for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker , including a bit of set piece design for the character Babu Frik. Savage took to Instagram to show off some of the design docs he had for Frik's workshop, and it includes an interesting tidbit for Nintendo fans.

According to Savage, one of the computer pieces designed drew inspiration from none other than the Game Boy. In the Instagram post above, you can see a wide-shot of Frik's workshop setup, which features the Game Boy-style device on the left-hand side of the piece. If you click over to the next picture, you get an even better look at the computer tech, which makes it much easier to see its Game Boy origins.

While you might not make the Game Boy connection at first glance, hearing the story from Savage makes the inspiration a lot easier to see.

Good Job! originally had a more fantastical approach to its office setting, says the dev team

Job well done

Good Job! is a humorous puzzler that takes place in an office setting. The game definitely has its funny elements, but the office backdrop is pretty straightforward. In an interview with NintendoEverything, director Coen Neessen from Paladin Studios explained that things actually started off a bit more outlandish.

Early on in development the company you would work at in the game was much more fantastical. So, we would have overcharged cables that would turn printers into bombs and we even had the ability to freeze time. Ultimately, we found that having a mundane office environment worked much better for the physical humor of the game.

One thing that we tried to make work was to build a level that could also function as a race track for people to race on with office chairs and fire extinguishers. Sadly, we could not combine that layout nicely with a good puzzle level, so we had to abandon that goal.

Crysis Remastered's file size revealed

No Crysis here

Crysis Remastered was revealed for Switch recently, marking the first time the series will come to a Nintendo platform. The original plan was to bring the game out on July 23rd, 2020, but now all versions of the title have been pushed back by a few weeks.

While we wait for the new release date, Nintendo's official hub page for the game has been updated with some info. We now know that the game will take up 6.2 GB, and it's priced at $30. Not too shabby altogether!

Slowpoke Kagawa Prefecture promo video released

For those who don't know, Slowpoke is an official ambassador for Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. This was done in order to help bring in some tourism for the area. That's why a new commercial has been released to promote the collaboration. Check out the spot above.


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