Tetris 99 6th MAXIMUS CUP event gameplay footage and screens

Get fired up!

This weekend, the world of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game is partaking in a perfect tea time with Tetris® 99 during the new Tetris 99 6th MAXIMUS CUP event.

If you earn 100 event points by playing matches during the event period, you will unlock an in-game theme inspired by the Nintendo Switch game Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The free event for Nintendo Switch Online members runs from 12 a.m. PT on Aug. 23 to 11:59 p.m. PT on Aug. 26. You just have to play the Tetris 99 online mode during the event period. The higher you place after each match, the more event points you will earn. Once 100 event points are reached, the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme for your Tetris 99 game is unlocked! The new theme includes background art, music and Tetrimino designs all inspired by the latest Fire Emblem game.

The Tetris 99 digital game includes an online mode that is exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members*. In the game, 99 players compete together until only one is left standing. The paid Big Block DLC adds two new modes to the game, both of which can be played offline, plus additional offline local multiplayer modes that will arrive later this year. (Download the Tetris 99 software for free on Nintendo eShop to play the paid Big Block DLC.)

Good luck! May the power of the goddess guide your Tetriminos.

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

GoNintendo Video - Playing Hotline Miami and talking today's Nintendo Indie World Event

Nintendo hosted their first worldwide Indie World presentation today, and it was overflowing with fun titles! One of them happened to be the Hotline Miami Collection, which is available now! Watch me play some of the game as I go over my personal highlights from today's presentation.

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Hotline Miami Collection - more gameplay

Hotline Miami Collection features both games in the neon-soaked, brutally challenging Hotline Miami series, developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital. Mixing hard-boiled gunplay and skull-crushing close combat with a grippingly surreal and mysterious storyline, this heavy-hitting two-pack of violent top-down action is available today on Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming to Switch on Sept. 3rd, 2019

Fantasy becomes reality on Sept. 3rd

Square-Enix has just announced the release date for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, and it's not far off at all. The game will be up for grabs on Sept. 3rd, 2019. This revamped version of the original includes enhanced visuals, Battle Assist:, the option for no encounters, and a 3x speed boost.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Shadows of Tomorrow: The Secret Files announced for Switch

You're never safe in the shadows...

Lisbon, August - In 2019, on August 8, it was celebrated the 45th anniversary of the resignation of US President Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandal. And this event was what inspired the first missions of Shadows of Tomorrow: The Secret Files, developed by ST Studios. Relive the robbery that took place in 1972 at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Hotel.

Shadows of Tomorrow is a stealth game within edutainment genre, an interactive experience that aims to teach some educational aspects through videogames. In this case, the goal is to venture the player into several 20th century scenarios that were considered crucial to the unfolding of the contemporary geopolitical panel. Or in other words, events that cast shadows over tomorrow, that still makes themselves felt today.

In the first mission, the player takes on the role a burglar during the 1972 Watergate Hotel event. He will have to bugg devices, steal documents and acquire artifacts of that time period. Subsequent missions will take the player to Iran in 1980 to participate in the rescue of US embassy personnel in Tehran, followed by a 1986 mission in Ukraine to revive the Chernobyl incident, and later in 1989 to participate in the fall of the Berlin Wall. Other missions will continue to lead the player into exploration, but they are still underdevelopment.

Shadow of Tomorrow main features:

. Edutainment: reliving key points in our history.
. Stealth game: always in the shadows operating in various geopolitical scenarios.
. Nonviolent: The game has no clashes, the gameplay goal is to explore the various scenarios.
. Educational: At the end of each mission, it will be explained how that particular event was important to the world and how it is still reflected today.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition available to preload, file size detailed

I like'm big...

Today was chock-full of details on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition! We got to see a ton of gameplay footage, hear hands-on impressions, and see the dev team talk about the game as they played it. The latest bit of news about the title is that it's up for preload, which let's us find out the file size. If you're going the digital route, you'll need to free up 28.1GB of space.

Thanks to TheDestructo94 for the heads up!

DOOM Eternal will take 18-to-22 hours to complete

Enjoy your stay

DOOM Eternal is going to give you a lot of bang for your buck. The 2016 version of DOOM took around 12 hours to complete, but DOOM Eternal is looking to give players a lot more content. According to id Software’s executive producer Marty Stratton, DOOM Eternal is going to pack in 18 to 22 hours of gameplay. I'm sure plenty of people will try to rush through it to beat that mark, but I'd rather take my time and enjoy the ride!

North American retail release of Mantis Burn Racing comes to Switch on Dec. 12th, 2019

Burn, baby...BURN!

LOS ANGELES, CA., August 19, 2019 — PM Studios and acttil in partnership with developer VooFoo Studios is excited to announce that the North American retail release of fast-paced bumper-to-bumper racing game Mantis Burn Racing will be available on December 12 for both Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4.

Mantis Burn Racing® is a high-speed, rough and tumble top-town racer which combines physics-based gameplay and a classic arcade racing style to throw you head-first into heart-pounding driving competition. Climb into 5 different vehicle classes and experience an incredible 11-season single-player career mode, featuring over 150 events pulled from over a dozen unique event types. You can also fine-tune your vehicles with a robust, RPG-style upgrade system, and compete in 4-player local splitscreen matches or online against opponents on a variety of other platforms.

Eye-popping Top-down Racing: You'll drift, draft, and dodge your way through 12 gorgeous tracks spread across 3 environments, each with its own unique challenges and presentation. The glorious, photo-realistic visuals will make you feel like you're gripping the wheel yourself as you cross the finish line.

RPG-style Upgrade System: You'll have the chance to truly make each vehicle your own, adjusting handling and performance via an in-depth slot upgrade system, which provides meaningful tactical choices and tons of replay value.

Splitscreen Multiplayer: Get your friends together to compete on a single couch using the local competitive mode, which supports up to 4 players.

Cross-Network Play: Take your skills online in the 8-player competitive mode, which will even let you go up against players on other platforms.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled getting Funko Vinyl Figurines

Racing to retail

All of your favorite characters from crash Bandicoot, stylized as vinyl figures from Funko! One purchase will include one mystery figure. Collect all crash Bandicoot product from Funko!

If you want to get your hands on these vinyl figures from Funko, you'll have to wait until Nov. 6th, 2019. Plop down some cash on a preorder here.

Gamescom 2019 Awards' list of winners revealed

A handful of Switch games take home wins

We know that The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening took home the 'Best Switch Game' award at the Gamescom 2019 Awards, but what other titles ended up with honors as well? Check out the full list of winners from the awards show below. The Switch-related titles are in bold.

Best action-adventure game - Blacksad: Under the Skin (astragon Entertainment)
Best action game - Doom Eternal (ZeniMax Germany)

Best family game - Concrete Genie (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best racing game - Grid (Codemasters)
Best role-playing game - Wasteland 3 (Koch Media)
Best simulation game - Planet Zoo (Frontier)
Best sports game - Roller Champions (Ubisoft)
Best strategy game - Desperados III (THQ Nordic)
Most original game - Dreams (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best Xbox One game - Gears 5 (Microsoft)
Best Nintendo Switch game - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo)
Best PlayStation 4 game - Dreams (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best mobile game - Nightwar: Mobile Edition (HandyGames)
Best PC game - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint (Ubisoft)


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