Splatoon 2 dev teases undiscovered Easter egg (UPDATE)

One of Splatoon 2's devs is teasing an Easter egg in the game. You can see his series of Tweets below.

Now Mr. Amaro hasn't said yet what the item is, but players are trying to find it. One player did point out something, but Mr. Amaro never responded.

If this isn't it, we still don't know what's out there waiting to be found! Anyone find anything interesting while exploring Splatoon 2?

UPDATE - Looks like it was a train ticket! You can see the proof below. Thanks to @Senor_Salty3 and Chuggaconroy for the heads up!

3D-printed shells to store your Switch game cards in DS/3DS cases

Got a bunch of cases that hold DS/3DS games? Those would be a neat way to store Switch game cards, but they'd slide around loosely in the case. Now with these 3D-printed options, you can slide your Switch game cards into those cases no problem! You can grab the 3D printer files here and here.

Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star - character profiles, event info, footage

The girls below are aspiring singers, and they'll come to your store to ask for help putting together outfits. Here's some details on their personalities.

Yayoi Sakurano:

- country girl who came to town aspiring to be a singer
- currently studying fashion really hard
- always energetic, and a little clumsy

Tsukiko Aomurasaki:

- aiming to be a singer using her outstanding talent in the field.
- whimsical actions and words make her stand out in the way that a wealthy young lady would
- lover of coffee

Hotaru Kinashi:

- curious young girl who really loves eating bread
- big fan of a certain Sci-fi movie and can’t stop talking about it
- supposedly quite famous online


- events include auditions and stage lives
- players may be asked to coordinate outfits for these events
- the choices the player makes will be reflected in the result of the event
- for example, Yayoi comes up to the player asking them to coordinate her debut live outfit
- depending on if you give her a Girly style or a Rock style, her debut song will change

Did You Know Gaming - Failed Nintendo pitches (Mario, StarFox, and more)

This Unseen64 video covers several ideas that were pitched to Nintendo, but ultimately rejected. Various studios have asked to make a game using a Nintendo IP, this includes everything from ports of Super Mario Bros. 3 to PC, to remakes of the original Star Fox on 3DS.

Nintendo explains how StarFox 2 came to be a part of the SNES Classic Edition

Coming from a Famitsu interview with Nintendo's dev team...

Famitsu: Could you tell us how including the mythical Star Fox 2 on the Super Nintendo Classic Edition became a reality?

Takao Shimizu, Planning and development: From the beginning when we were thinking what we would add to a hypothetical SNES Classic, one of the issues were the titles that utilized the Super-FX chip, such as Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island. Of course, we knew about Star Fox 2, and we were talking about adding those titles if we could emulate the Super-FX chip.

Kazuhiro Maruyama, Hardware development: At the time, we didn’t know if the emulator would work or not.

Shimizu: In the end, we wouldn’t know unless we let NERD (Nintendo European Research & Development) try their hand at it, so they tried to work it out on the side while developing the NES Classic. Something else that was crucial was that we found the completed data for Star Fox 2 that still existed, in both Japanese and English.

Nishi: That really was important.

Shimizu: The source code still existed as well, so we thought we could finally work on it properly. Producer Shimada and the director of Star Fox 2, Eguchi negotiated with Miyamoto, and handed the data to NERD. After that, Super-FX chip emulation started.

Super Mario Odyssey director explains why New Donk City takes a realistic approach with its visuals

The following comes from a Game Informer interview with Director Kenta Motokura...

“I thought that we needed a scale that was easy to understand. Users will wonder how high Mario can jump and how far he can fall. We thought that it would be easier for users to understand and relate to the world in which they actually live. Mario is a strong enough character that he fits in just fine in a realistic environment.”

I always find Nintendo's thought process for their games to be fascinating. After all these years, they go with a realistic setting to better showcase Mario's abilities to players. It's an interesting idea, but I wonder how many first-time Mario players will actually get the experience Nintendo envisioned.

RUMOR - Blackbelly Skatepark might be making a return for Splatoon 2

OatmealDome has become pretty famous for datamining. He's shared all sorts of updates related to Splatoon, and his latest tweet shows us what looks like Blackbelly Skatepark. It seems the stage is going to make a return for Splatoon 2. Obviously Nintendo isn't talking about this, which is why we have it marked rumor. That said, it looks legit to us!

Syberia 2 - EU cover art

Slowly but surely, more Switch games are hitting retail. It'll be interesting to see how games like this manage to do, since they've been available on other platforms for quite a long time.