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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 706

You want juicy rumors? We've got them! How about a contest for a game? We've got that too! Want some jokes about Reggie and Doug Bowser? You know we've got those. This one's jam-packed, baby!

Episode 705

This was such a jam-packed so much. There's so much stuff to talk about! We even do three special features to kick off the show before we even get to all the Nintendo Direct news! Strap in for this one, gang!

Episode 704

Nicky Hill returns to us for a jam-packed show! Lots of talk about Nintendo this week, as well as multiple discussions about donuts! No, I can't explain how it happened either.

Episode 703

Today's episode of the podcast makes me really proud. It was just one of those magical shows where everything comes together, in my opinion. Interesting Nintendo news, good discussion, stupid humor, random discussions, and just all-around fun. When I think of the perfect episode to express what our show can be, this is it.

Episode 702

We welcome back PC for this week's show, which I'm sure quite a few podcast fans will be happy to hear. She brings her unique personality to this week's news, and tests my patience as always!

Episode 701

For some reason, seeing 701 hit me harder than 700 did. How in the world have we done 701 shows without missing a week?! It must be your love and support making it possible! Thank you so much for the continued downloads, and for spreading the word!

Episode 700

I don't know how we've made it 700 episodes without missing a single weekly show, but here we are! The biggest thanks goes to you guys! Thanks so much for checking in with us every single week to hear the latest Nintendo news and a heavy dose of stupidity. It's an honor to bring the show to you!

Episode 699

I may be sick, but help from you guys and friends made the show a blast as usual. Lots of laughs in this episode. Made me forget I was sick most of the time!

Episode 698

That's it, another year of podcasts! News was kind of light this week, but you know us. We always find plenty to talk about! Thanks for all your support in 2018. You made it one of our best years yet for the podcast. Now onward to 2019!

Episode 697

It's a very special podcast today. Deux Michaels has returned for his holiday visit! You know he brings a special flavor to the show like none other. I won't ruin the fun anymore than that. Just listen, and hopefully enjoy!