GoNintendo Video Review - ARMS

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- Vibrant cast of characters
- various competent control schemes
- doesn't require deep knowledge of fighting games
- fantastic fun in multiplayer


- not much in the way of single player content - taking time to find the right character/arms combo might turn some people off


ARMS is a fresh and engaging entry into the fighting genre from Nintendo. A bit traditional fighting, a bit boxing, and plenty of Nintendo charm thrown into the mix. If you're looking for an intriguing experience for local multiplayer or online, ARMS should fit the bill. If you want single player fun, ARMS might leave you feeling a bit empty. Outside of some required time spent learning the game mechanics, ARMS can be a blast in the right situations.

Games: ARMS


I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, but from what I've seen the lack of button mapping would drive me nuts. If they added full button mapping I'd pick it up for sure.

Perhaps you could consider using "+" when referencing the positive aspects.

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