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Can't in good conscience watch any more KindaFunny content after the Moriarty fallout..which is a shame because I really enjoyed it but its not the same to me anymore.

What happened ?

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He made an innocuous joke on twitter(which is apparently a crime against humanity these days) and due to the firestorm, and the lack of support by his co-owners, he left Kinda Funny. I believe the joke was something like "A day without women, finally, peace and quiet". We can all debate about whether it was funny or not but the arguments exploded and the conversation about how sexist he is and how upset and hurt he made people feel. Plus the gaming media (in general) are EXTREMELY pc so they all piled on to destroy him as well.

Ah okay thanks.
That was a pretty stupid thing to say but the reaction is absolutely excessive. I'm not sure I understand how this could lead to losing his job. I mean was it as a Kinda funny contributor that he said it?
Anyway that's internet doing what it does best.

The 4 guys co-founded the youtubechannel/website after leaving IGN to go solo and after the joke, they basically didn't do anything to defend him for what it was. A joke (good OR bad) even though they say plenty of worse things on their livestreams and podcasts. So he chose to step away for that reason and is out of the gaming scene entirely. And now, without his more pragmatic, intelligent and uncompromising voice (at least among the KindaFunny group) it's just not the same. I heard one recently where they had on Will Smith (not the actor) and he made some ridiculous comment about "Empowering the Neo Nazi movement in America" by being able to play as Nazi's in the upcoming Call of Duty WW2 game... What the actual F?! and there is not a chance in hell Colin would have let that string of word vomit slide without calling him out for that asinine insinuation. But Greg and Tim both just sat there quietly and didn't even begin to challenge him on this monumentally stupid opinion. It was about at that point that I could no longer stomach their content and that makes me sad.

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