Ever Oasis producer describes how Zelda influenced the game

A portion of an FNintendo interview with Koichi Ishii...

FN: How did your experience in reworking two classic The Legend of Zelda titles - Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask - for the Nintendo 3DS influence Ever Oasis development?

KI: We worked together with Nintendo staff while developing the game so I think it’s steeped in “Nintendo-isms” such as the controls, how it looks, how it guides players, its rules, the level designs, and the accessibility of its user interface. Still, you can definitely feel the ‘Square-isms’ in it too.

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Can't wait to have the game in my hands on Friday. I played the demo and its right up my alley. Smile

Oh man, I keep forgetting that there's a demo for it. Thanks for the reminder Smile

I'm liking it so far, it pushes the player forward in the first couple of hours of the game, the handholding is very strong early on, but as things go, it progressively lets the player do things more freely, which is really nice. It's not very challenging either, it reminds me of Solatorobo on DS actually in that regard, which was also a late-in-lifecycle title for its respective platform that combined a colourful aesthetic with a lighthearted story and a fairly soft learning curve.

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