Nindies Summer Showcase 2017 - Live-stream/blog

- Super Meat Boy Forever coming first to Switch in 2018
- 4 new worlds, 30 new courses in the Shovel Knight: King of Cards DLC, includes card battles as well, due out 2018
- Mom Hid My Games coming to 3DS and Switch, due out later this year, exclusive stages in each version
- Golf Story due out this Sept. exclusively on Switch
- Floor Kids, features music from Kid Koala, is a breakdancing/battle game for Switch, includes single/multiplayer modes, can play with touch screen as well, due out this holiday first on Switch
- Wulver Blade is a hand-draw beat'em-up for Switch, due out Sept. 2017 first on Switch
- Poly Bridge, a physics bridge building puzzle game, due out on Switch this holiday on Switch as an exclusive

- Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is coming to Switch, including the debut of the final act on Switch
- Earth Atlantis hitting Switch first on this Fall
- Next Up Hero is a community-driven online action game, hitting Switch early 2018
- SteamWorld Dig 2 launching Sept. 21st
- Mulaka coming to Switch early 2018, where you battle mythical creatures, solve puzzles, and undergo transformations, includes exclusive features
- Yono and the Celestial Elephants coming to Switch Oct. 12th as an exclusive
- Dragon: Marked for Death is a side-scrolling action RPG from Inti-Creates, features 30 quests, due out on Switch exclusively this Winter
- Battle Chef Brigade coming from Adult Swim Games, is coming to Switch first this Holiday
- Morhpies Law, a 4 vs. 4 multiplayer shooter, coming to Switch
- Sausage Sports Club coming to Switch first this Fall
- Light Fingers is a 4-player turn-based multiplayer game, includes support for tabletop mode, due out early 2018 on Switch first
- Nine Parchments coming to Switch later this year
- No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again coming to Switch exclusive in 2018

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(And it looks really awesome!)

So many exclusives and timed exclusives. Happily surprised that Nintendo is heavily investing in this nindie movement.

The music in that trailer was way too loud, I honestly can't tell if that's Robin Atkin Downes voicing Travis, doesn't quite sound like him at times. If it's a different voice actor then that's a huge letdown as the voice is a big part of what makes Travis Touchdown such a, well, touchdown.

Dragon: Marked for Death and No More Heroes stole that show.

Though my girlfriend cannot stop on Yono.

Holy shovel that was awesome!
So many surprises and must have stuff.
That Mulaka game looks great and Dragon:Marked for Death, finally! That game wasn't dead after all.
And also Yono, that hip-hop game, that crazy online shooter, Dig 2 is lookng very good to say the least and of course Travis.

Freaking. Travis. Touchdown.
I'm so happy right now.

Okay, that NMH game sound just fabulous. I wonder what the 5 other games will be!?

Meh to everything shown here except for No More Heroes 3. I need this in my life now.

A Port of the PS3 upgrade to the original wouldn't go astray either Suda.

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