GoNintendo Video Review - Metroid: Samus Returns


- Free-aim and melee counter are fantastic additions
- Brings the Game Boy game to life in a completely new way
- Fantastic level design, themes, and atmosphere
- New abilities spice up classic 2D gameplay


- Pulse Scan might make item-hunting too easy
- amiibo-locked Fusion mode

Final Word

Metroid: Samus Returns is the exact boost the Metroid franchise needed. It restores Samus' prestige to its former glory, all while offering a classic-style Metroid with tons of new bells and whistles. This may be a remake or re-imagining at its heart, but it certainly comes across as a brand-new experience. This is the Metroid experience fans have been waiting for after being let down with recent entries. As Nintendo has been saying ever since the reveal, Samus is back. We've missed you, old friend.

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Tue Sep 12 17 08:09am
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Well I played Fusion last week and the were secret passages i couldn't find, even when using a Power Bomb and I even did it many times in the same room before giving up and using a "online" full map!

So at time like that the Pulse Scan will be very useful BUT I hope I don't need to use it at all and that the environment have enough clues to show were breakable blocks and secret passages are.

Otherwise they could have made the scan work as it does in BOTW and only make it to beep when close to a undiscovered "secret"

All this talk about Metroid made me finally finish Metroid Prime 3, I'm really tempted to buy this one at launch, but at the same time I have so many games on my 3DS backlog.

Nice, one of the Negatives is a Positive (Pulse Scan) for me, and the other one irrelevant (Amiibo) Smile

Tue Sep 12 17 11:13am
Rating: 1

amiibo-locked Fusion mode

I cannot understand how this is a negative. This gets a negative and yet Fates is defended for it being path split with amiibo included.

My only criticism of the review is that it really doesn't elaborate too much on the game itself. It's pretty much a summary of what's new about the game and everything going on with the series at the time of its development. Still, an enjoyable watch.

Overall reviews I've read tell, is pretty much what you'll expect. It does sound is on the level of the GBA games, though depending on the kind of player some may like Zero Mission more.

In regards to the pulse scan, I think the issue is that if there aren't shinespark sections getting everything most be easier. I bet if it was in there, even with the scan pulse some things would be really hard to get, and get fast.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer, my friend!

Fusion mode being locked behind amiibo is mentioned as a negative but the review doesn't explain what it is or why it's bad that it's been locked. Care to elaborate on that ? Also could you elaborate on character development in that Metroid game, if there is any ?

Also thanks RMC, it's a great review. This will definitely be my last 3ds game and it seems like a beautiful swan song. That being said I still wish I could play this on the big screen. I skipped many great 3ds titles from the end of its lifespan just because of the system they were on. It really takes a Metroid game to make me fire up that thing again. Where is that Switch super gameboy like peripheral Nintendo ? Now that the Switch is released, I feel like I should NOT have to choose whether I want to play on a big or on a small screen. You did this Nintendo, not me. Now be coherent with your own designs.

You can play Samus Returns on the big screen or the small screen. That's why there's 3DS and 3DS XL.


Hehe ^^

Yeah well, you know what I mean.

Of course, but I couldn't resist. Smile

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