Switch Online App updated, now lets you multitask and put your phone to sleep while using voice chat

Ah, THERE we go. Now this is an update that really corrects some major issues with the app. Glad it didn't take too long for Nintendo to fix this. I know a lot of people are still against the app, but for those who were considering, these updates should make a big difference.

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Now they just need to update it so that you can voice chat without the stupid app at all. That would be real progress.

Now they just need to update it so that you can voice chat without the stupid app at all. That would be real progress.

How would that be possible when the Switch doesn't have a mic?

bluetooth mic
use the headphone jack for an inline mic.
c'mon, son.

What headphone jack?

Number 6. Audio jack to connect headphones, microphones and headsets.

Every PS4 comes with one of these:


You plug it in to the headphone jack of the controller. It has a mic and volume control on that box on the cord. Bam, cheap headset included with every system. Nintendo could have done something simple like that but they'd prefer to do it the convoluted, stupid way.

Acceptable(ish) for a voice chat application.

Not even close for a paid service.

Great news but every comment will still be a complaint.

And oddly enough, if you're not talking to strangers, I've seen many people just use Discord over what Sony offers as well.

Well yeah. It's just strange people are hounding nintendo to shape up when they are still just going to use discord or other app. I mean... Is there an endgame where Nintendo makes the definitive social gaming app?

Because it should be better. If you don't tell them that the app sucks, how will they know? The app should be of high quality even if people use Discord. That's just how things should be.

Meh it still fucking sucks. At least update it with other games than just Splatoon 2..why don't we have voice chat for Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fast RMX, and Pokken (for when it releases).

Or outside playing any games, aka party chat. Because it's not like there's anything holding them back.

I'm concerned that Mojang wants voice chat in Minecraft but it doesn't seem like they have the option to yet.

I would love to see the stats on how much this app is actually being used...

everyone already moved on to discord lmao

It's ironic considering how many Nintendo fans back in the Friend Code days caught flack for even daring to suggest using a 3rd party voice chat.

Now it's the norm.

Its the norm because Nintendo's efforts are half-assed

Tue Sep 12 17 10:40pm
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I wont deny that they could've tried harder. But I more mean that 3rd party chat apps are becoming the norm across all platforms of online console gaming.

Complaints about how good or bad the 1st party effort is is practically moot save for anyone who doesnt already chat on their phones or PCs anyways (a valid demographic, but not as big/crucial as they used to be).

All that said, I would still welcome a quality chat system if Nintendo put in the effort.

It's still broken

They should just copy PS4 parties where friends could voice chat but play any games they want

I would never use voice chat anyway. I don't know anyone else with a Switch and basically have no friends. Anyone want to be my friend? No? :'(

You have us here at GN.... we're family... I'm so sorry.

Nice... but I'd still rather connect the headset, wired or wireless via Bluetooth, directly to the Switch and chat from there. Also send invitations, etc. without the dumb app (not saying the app shouldn't exist at all)

Tue Sep 12 17 11:23pm
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Remember when the DS had voice chat back in 2005? Yeah, Nintendo doesn't remember that...

Pokemon was always ahead of the game since even before the 3DS.

Once they add parties the app will be acceptable. It's still completely wonky how you need to be playing a specific mode in Splatoon 2 in order to use voice chat.

Niantic needs to do this with Pokemon Go.

You mean put your phone to sleep while playing the game? That doesn't make any sense. How would you catch the Pokemon? Unless you mean you'd get a notification when one is near. That's the only point I can see here.

The point of egg hatching is to reward you for going out and walking. I want the functionality so it would track distance traveled with the screen locked, so I don't have to have my phone open the whole time. Because I'm not a weirdo who puts his phone in a pocket with the -screen still on-, nor do I want it in my hand for my entire walk.

But yes, I guess it could also buzz when a pokemon is near. Nintendo themselves want people to play without looking down at their phone the whole time, but that feature is basically paywalled behind the Pokemon Go Plus.

What an App can do in sleep mode is VERY limited. It's called SLEEP mode for a reason. (incidently, I just realized that now you can sleep-talk with that app... tun dun tiss!)

Pedometer apps definitely still track steps in sleep mode, and navigation apps definitely still access GPS in sleep mode. And you still get calls and notifications... it's basically just a way to not have your phone's screen draining the battery and taking touch inputs at all times.

kids with their fancy voice chat, good old cellphone
... especially given the very inconsistent actual online gaming experience. I hope the hotspot cell works for anyone,at least that 5ghz stuff would be useful for someone. making the assumption as of why it is so

and yeah that's nonsense the online fee is for playing online, it's pure delusion to say otherwise. what about what about , yeah sure but hey it's only 20 bucks so it does make the 70 look better in some way . thanks for making us pay btw , as usual gold users

This is progress, but I don't know if it's in the right direction.

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