Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters (and the Oni update) - gameplay info, more footage, screens, art

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- offers additional quests that allow you to learn the secrets of some characters, make new encounters, and more
- new content includes:

The secret origin of Darknyan
Revelations from Dame Dedtime’s past
Work with the diva Directator to produce a blockbuster Yo-kai movie
Revelations from Whisper’s past
New location called Gera Gera Resort which you can reach by riding the Hex Express

- the Hex Express train only appears at night, and is filled with various Yo-kai, including a boss battle
- when you arrive at the resort, all the rides and attractions are broken, the power is out, and nothing is running
- you are tasked with bringing the resort back online
- game includes the new Blaster Mode, called Psychic Blasters
- brand new bosses as well
- 4 classes to choose from:

Fighters like Jibanyan go all-out on the enemy!
Tank: Tanks like Robonyan are tough and can take a ton of hits for the team.
Healer: Healers like Tattletell can restore health to injured teammates.
Ranger: Rangers like Blazion are versatile attackers with diverse techniques.

- some of the bosses can only be found in Psychic Specters
- you can connect with the other two versions to face them with friends who have Bony Spirits or Fleshy Souls
- you need to download the Oni Update first to make this happen
- new bosses from Psychic Specters include:

Dame Dedtime

- Oni Update allows you to battle the following bosses if you connect with Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls:

Slimamander (Bony Spirits)
Rubeus J (Bony Spirits)
Hardy Hound (Fleshy Souls)
SV Snaggerjag (Fleshy Souls)

- Psychic Specters also has some exclusive Yo-kai:

Wicked Yo-kai

- with the Oni update, after beating the main story, you will be able to get some exclusive S-Rank Yo-kai:

Bony Spirits: Jibanyan S
Fleshy Souls: Komasan S
Psychi Specters: Komajiro S (does not require any update)

- update also allows you to connect with Psychic Specters version players in order to play the Psychic Blasters mode
- linking the different versions also allows you to access a very special dungeon that can only be accessed once a day
- special Yo-kai you can meet by linking the different games:

Bony Spirits + Fleshy Souls + Psychic Specters = Sapphinyan, Dianyn, Emenyan, Orcanos, Moximous N, Moximous K
Bony Spirits + Psychic Specters = Rubinyan, Gargaros
Fleshy Souls + Psychic Specters = Topanyan, Ogralus

- if you already own one of the original versions of Yo-kai Watch 2, you can transfer your save data to Psychic Specters
- doing so allows you to play from where you left off, so you can directly skip to the new stuff
- the content you can transfer:

Story progress data
Yo-kai data
Bony Spirits or Fleshy Souls exclusive quests
Random multiplayer battles

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