Study finds that Switch owners are big spenders on mobile

The data below comes from EEDAR's PlayerPulse tracker - an ongoing survey that polls 1,500 active North American gamers per month about their habits and title awareness across mobile, PC and Console platforms. (Note that all data below is based on an aggregated 12-month sample collected from January 2017 to January 2018 and encompasses the launch of the Nintendo Switch.)

As you can see, not only do Switch owners enjoying putting a lot of time into mobile titles, they also spend a lot of cash on those games. This could mean that there's some big business for mobile game devs on Switch if they adapt their titles correctly. Should be interesting to see how many mobile devs bring their content over to Switch in the next year.

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Tue Mar 13 18 03:00pm
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Doesn't this contradict this study from last week?

"Nintendo gamers buy least DLC, additional content" = not spending

"Nintendo gamers are big spenders on mobile" = buying DLC, additional content

Well, which is it?!

These studies are just nonsense.

Mobile content would include full priced games, such as Part Time UFO and subscription models for apps such as Babbel and Spotify

Wed Mar 14 18 10:09am
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Entirely different markets. That was UK, this is US.

That said, Rance makes a good point. I wouldn't put much stock into these studies anyway

Mostly young people, I bet. I dont.

And these studies are nonsense and silly.

Tue Mar 13 18 04:19pm
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I'm a Switch owner and I hate mobile gaming for the most part.

This study is entirely correct. I am a huge spender on mobile, having spent €1,49 total

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