Luigi's Mansion - 3DS reveal trailer analysis

It's been so long since I've played the original Luigi's Mansion, I'm curious to see what I do and don't remember. There are certain moments that do stand out, but I'm sure there's a decent amount I've forgotten. I'm actually pretty eager to dive back in with this 3DS version and take the trip again.

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Tue Mar 13 18 03:52pm
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Had my fingers crossed for a super atmospheric, rich-looking Switch remake, not a 3DS port. Sad

Aiming the flashlight/vacuum with the joycons would have been amazing.

Wed Mar 14 18 10:26am
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That's exactly how I feel too, though I think I would've gone with dual sticks instead of gyro aiming, depending on how well it works.
Either way, I already saw that the 3DS version is less atmospheric in the lighting, but this video made it clear that other concessions were made in the port, such as the reduced dust, the weaker flashlight and the less ethereal ghosts.
Credit where credit is due, though. The 3DS version does have better light sources, in the sense that the ghosts now also emit light, but also the flashlight better illuminates the room and Luigi himself (which GameXplain didn't touch upon). But I am sure that would've been a thing too if this were ported to the Switch instead

This game should've been on Switch. If they weren't sure how it would do, make it eshop exclusive and sell it for $20.

Tue Mar 13 18 04:27pm
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That announcement made me finally return to Luigis Mansion Dark Moon that I never finished, I'm actually glad to see this one on the 3DS. Maybe soometime in the future we get a collection for the Switch.

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