Japan ranks their top 10 most iconic characters, with Mario and Pikachu making the list

Goo Ranking asked the people of Japan to vote on who they believed to be the country's most iconic characters, and then whittled things down into a top 10. You can find the full list of top 10 below.

1. Doraemon
2. Pikachu
3. Mario
4. Anpanman
5. Hello Kitty
6. Son Goku
7. Totoro
8. Gundam
9. Godzilla
10. Sailor Moon

Pikachu and Mario secure the first and second spots, only being beat out by everyone's favorite blue cat, Doraemon. I'd say Nintendo should be pretty damn proud of their placements!

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That's funny. Here in Mexico, Doraemon is relatively unknown, people only know him for his appearance in the Rio 2016 Olympics closure.

I think in general Doraemon isn't that big in the west at all

I assume Luffy is Top 20.

That seems to be pretty spot-on.

Tue Mar 13 18 04:06pm
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Pikachu more famous than Mario? BLASPHEMY!!!!

I'm surprised that Slime isn't in the list considering that Dragon Quest is also a thing in Japan...

Anyways, who the hell is this Doramon and why is it even a big of a deal at this point of time?!?

Are you kidding me? Doraemon is huge in Japan. It's one of the biggest anime in Japan and he's incredibly iconic for Japan, often being referenced in other anime and games alike.

Don't get me wrong: It's fine if you don't know him, since he isn't as well known outside of Japan. But you should realize that just because you don't know him, that doesn't mean he isn't a big icon

Sheesh dude, can't you take it a joke? I mean yeah I tend to be wrong many times but come on...

Wed Mar 14 18 04:21pm
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Well, I did ask if you were kidding. But for real, I didn't know it was a joke; else I wouldn't have responded like that. Of course I can take jokes, but they have to obviously jokes to me first

I know very few characters on that list.

Wed Mar 14 18 09:17pm
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Really? Interesting

1. Doraemon is the titular character from a children's anime. You may seen him before. He's like this bipedal blue cat thing
2. Pikachu is from Pokémon and is their mascot. He's a yellow electric mouse-like creature. (I imagine you knew this one, but I wanted to be complete)
3. Mario is a plumber from Nintendo's most iconic video game series and also Nintendo's mascot. He's short, has a mustache, a red cap and blue overalls. (Again, just for completion's sake)
4. I don't know who Anpanman is, but I know anpan is filled bread in Japan. He seems to be from an anime as well and is possibly designed like an anpan
5. Hello Kitty is an anime for even small children, in particular girls, though in the west it's more known for merchandise than anything. Kitty White (the character's actual name) is, as you might expect, a white bipedal cat in a simplistic art style
6. Son Goku is (arguably) the main character in the Dragon Ball anime series, and a Saiyan. You follow him in the anime from his childhood, but most people know him in his adult form due to the popularity of Dragon Ball Z
7. Totoro is from the anime feature film My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki. Totoro is... some sort of woodland creature that I can't exactly place. There is an iconic scene where Totoro is waiting at a forest bus stop with the main character while holding an umbrella
8. Gundam is an anime series (and as far as I am aware, not a character) about titular mechs that are being controlled by people. All the mechs are humanoid in shape, and there are many of them
9. Godzilla is the titular character from a fairly old series of movies that's also very popular in the west. Godzilla has seen many depictions across different ages and regions but is a huge black lizard creature who terrorizes towns
10. Sailor Moon is an anime with about a group of so-called magical girls. Popular with both boys and girls, though boys are less likely to admit it, I think. There are several girls in the group, all named after a celestial body, but Sailor Moon is the poster girl

And that's all I know

I know Pikachu, Mario, Hello Kitty, and Godzilla....no idea about the rest

Well, now you know the rest too! =D

More evidence on how unpopular Zelda is in Japan.

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