Mutant Mudds Collection sees a major sales boost following special offer

Looks like the half-price sale was just too good for people to pass up. Very happy to see that! Remember, if you do happen to pick the collection up, you can find me hiding as a playable character somewhere in Mutant Mudds Super Challenge!

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Just bought it today, even though I already had 2 of them on 3DS. The price was just too good to pass.

Good for Jools!

Also, RMC.. does it weird you our that people get to play as you?

This is why I think the eshop needs to be like it was on 3ds where you have featured games and categories. Otherwise great games will never be seen past their launch weeks.

Totally agree. Games that don't rise to the top seller list become difficult to find. This is also why we see so many small 10% discounts, so their game gets a little bit of the spotlight back, on the sale page at least. Although I certainly won't complain about a discount, it does suck that they have to resort to that tactic to get their game some exposure on the store.

I double dipped because of the great discount and I'm glad to see it pay off for Jools. Definitely one of my favorite titles on the 3DS.

That reminds me: Go support Chicken Wiggle Workshop, people! Help Jools bring this neglected 3DS gem to the Switch!

Good call. I did on day 1. Smile

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