Who's up for a juicy Nintendo Direct rumor?

The last 2 times 4chan had a rumor on a Nintendo Direct, it turned out to be right. I don't mean just a few things right here or there. I mean they nailed complete Nintendo Direct rundowns. Information was absolutely spot-on. I didn't share that information those last two times, and I now regret those decisions. Am I going to let the same thing happen again? Not a chance in hell!

With my luck, this rumor will turn out to be completely false. The thing is, there are a couple tidbits in here that give at least some tiny shred of believably. First up, the Funko information on a Pokemon collab is mentioned in the post. That's info we found out yesterday, but this post is dated July 10th. Second, the post goes into detail about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. Just today, we found out Nintendo has more in the works for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With those two tidbits of noteworthy info, I'll share the full rundown with you.

Click through the jump to see the full post. Some of it seems rather outlandish, but we can dream!


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Thu Jul 12 18 09:06pm
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You hurt me, friend...

Sunday 22 July?


A Direct on Sunday is not going to happen. Then we have stuff like Final Fantasy 7 remake that will not happen on the Switch in million years, sorry.


Hey, I’d buy Doshin in a heartbeat, and I’d kill for a sequel or HD re release of Steel Diver: Sub Wars!

Thu Jul 12 18 06:37pm
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3 juicy 5 me

Also words that meet GoNintendo's sensibility standards.

Thu Jul 12 18 09:06pm
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You hurt me, friend...

Yeah, RMC! Screw you for reporting popular Nintendo Rumors/News! You should know better...

You seem to have wildly misinterpreted my comment.

Wow...I did. My bad. I must've just been having a bad day that day haha.

Sorry about that! I've been doing that a lot lately. :/

Thu Jul 12 18 10:28pm
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Sorry RMC. No harm meant. The 20 character rule does have obvious short comings, though.

Can anyone explain to me this "max 20 chrs" thing? If it was meant to stop spamming, it's got the opposite effect.

Fri Jul 13 18 05:44pm
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Commenting guidlines^ WARNING: they are incredibly condescending.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:41pm
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Sounds too good to be true... so it's probably fake.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:43pm
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Everything looked legit until I got to KH3 and ff7. NOPE!

/v/ has a pretty good track record but the site also throws anything up on the board, so they're bound to hit at some point. The most accurate leaks from 4chan are a day or mere hours before the direct or event begins (see Switch reveal and every E3 and direct since), so I wouldnt take anything thats more than a week old with a grain of salt.

i MOAN the fact that this direct BEGINS with the Funko announcemnt. LOL, pls god no.
Everything else seems like your typical reasonable guesswork. We'll see, but New Super Mario World and Kingdom Hearts 3 and Fallout 76 are major "FAKE" flags.

That Hype Train image is glorious


I dunno, Microsoft whilst yes, are being pally with Nintendo, I doubt they'd let their best exclusive, that they actually put a buttload of money into just slip through to Switch, especially with the DLC coming next year.

Maybe they’re playing the long game: Master Chief in Smash. 😅

This looks fake but I'd give my left and right testicle for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Shit I'd give that and one of my eyes for K.Rool and Dixie to be added to Smash Bros. considering they are LONG overdue at this point...

No offense but probably not "long overdue" (for K Rool, not Dixie since she appeared in a game 2 months ago). For you that might be different. I'd love to see someone from Xenosaga in the game, but its not like that series has been very active recently, I wouldn't say characters from Xenosaga are necessarily overdue.

Thu Jul 12 18 07:32pm
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I don't know, I kind of think K. Rool is long overdue considering his history. Hes been in most DK games and hes pretty well known (to Nintendo fans). DK needs more representation in Smash, so those two characters are very much overdue.

But he also hasn't appeared in a Donkey Kong game in nearly 20 years. I'm not at all saying that the modern enemies are any more recognizable, they certainly are not, but K Rool's time has already gone by. I don't think he is SUPER high on many people's list. Im not saying he would be a bad character or that a lot of people wouldn't be happy if he got in, but much overdue is taking it a bit far.

Yes long overdue. For a series like DK which is the 5th best selling Nintendo franchise and is very recognizable to still only have two characters in Smash after 5 games and 20 years is honestly embarrassing IMO. Also the original DKC helped Nintendo win the console wars back in the SNES days and guess who debuted in that K.Rool whether he's appeared in a game in in 10 years or not. He's still DK's main antagonist. No one is gonna remember giant floating head and hands Nintendo boss #700 from Returns and I liked Lord Fredrick since he was basically a K.Rool clone/knockoff but it's not like he's ever gonna return. K.Rool WILL return eventually he's DK's Bowser.

Yes IMO Dixie is also long overdue. Dixie has appeared in EVERY DK game besides Returns, Jungle Beat, and 64. She has also appeared in a few Mario spin-offs like Super Sluggers, Hoops 3 on 3, and Superstar Baseball. Dixie also starred in both DKC sequels which 2 sold 5 million copies and 3 sold 3 million copies. Also I see you are using the "relevance" argument in regards to K.Rool but at least Dixie like you said has appeared recently in Tropical Freeze. When series like FIRE EMBLEM, Star Fox, and Kid Icarus have more reps for there series than DK is appalling no matter how you cut it. Also when characters like Snake and Cloud are in Smash. 2 characters who have barely ANY history with Nintendo whatsoever got in before Dixie or K.Rool is just sad. Sakurai could've EASILY added Dixie and K.Rool in Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 but he didn't because I think he has a bias towards the franchise.

I am not disagreeing with Dixie. But honestly its been so long since K Rool has been in a game that his impact has been lessened, and a lot of, and I know this is a sucky thing to say, "kids" or younger "gamers" (which is a dumb word to use but whatever) won't recognize him, though again, the more recent DKC antagonists aren't any more recognizable. Also not sure how well K Rool would fit thematically, but this game also has characters like Kirby and Peach so I guess thats a null point.

"Snake and Cloud are in Smash. 2 characters who have barely ANY history with Nintendo whatsoever got in before "
Smash is a celebration of gaming and those are two of the most important characters in the industry. Also, when you think of what Cloud means for Nintendo, he was symbolic of Nintendo's killing of any proper relations with third parties in the 90s. Cloud being in Smash, in a sense, represented, and still represents, Nintendo's recommitment to Square Enix, though that really happened like 15 years ago. Plus, Final Fantasy has a very long history on Nintendo, and Cloud is the most recognizable character in the game, so it makes sense to use him. Snake was just because Kojima wanted Sakurai to add him to Smash, and Kojima is Sakurai's buddy so he did it. He kills himself working on the game let him do stuff like that. And besides, if someone from Nintendo asked for K Rool, Sakurai would probably add him, so clearly no one at Nintendo internally, or Retro, is pushing for him either. Probably because he was Rare's character, and while Nintendo technically owns him, no one their has any creative attachment to him, which is for the better IMO. Forcing a character to be used by someone who didn't make them originally doesn't always end well in games.

"Sakurai could've EASILY added Dixie and K.Rool in Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 but he didn't because I think he has a bias towards the franchise." Yeah... no...

I get it you're looking at it from a marketing and advertising standpoint. Since the character hasn't appeared in a game since 2008. He isn't marketable yet the fact that K.Rool received a Mii costume in Smash 4 due to his overwhelming support in the Smash Ballot speaks volumes for a character that hasn't appeared in a decade. I get it you want characters that appeared within 2 years because apparently anything past that no one remembers. I guess Ice Climbers, R.O.B, Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, Mega Man (at the time he was added in Smash 4), and Pit were also big hits with the kiddies as well. Sorry but TO ME Smash is a celebration of ALL of Nintendo's history and K.Rool plays a part in that. He is the main villain of the 5th best selling Nintendo franchise. He WILL be added this time just watch..

I never said it had to be recent to be in Smash. Of course not. Ice Climbers, Rob, Duck Hunt, and "Mr. Game and Watch" (I put that in quotes since he never had a name until Smash) relate to some of the most important parts of Nintendo's history. Also Pit is a better character than most others in that game. I even pointed out that Cloud and Snake made sense BECAUSE of their history, even though Snake hasn't appeared on a Nintendo system and nearly 2 decades. But I was saying that from the perspective of the DKC SERIES, his importance has been waning. And, to be honest, DK, Diddie, and Dixe themselves were far more imptactful from the SNES games than K Rool. Also, Smash costumes for Miis had nothing to do with the ballots. The only thing that came out of that ballet was Bayonetta (which is a good choice may I add, having finally played that game). I am not saying you can't want a character in Smash, and I am not saying others don't want him as well, but don't overestimate demand and keep you expectations too high, you are going to be disappointed. As I said, I would love if someone like Kos-Mos appeared in Smash, but I am not betting on that. I would also love if Chrono appeared in Smash, but thats unlikely as well, though for very different reasons. All I am saying is don't expect something to happen as a guarantee with Smash, unless it is something along the lines of an Inkling.

Bayonetta WAS not chosen from the ballot it was recently proven through the data miners that her data was already in the game before the ballot even started. Nintendo chose all those characters and used the ballot for Ultimate. They even said so on the japanese site that the ballot would be used for future games. Trust me I always knew the ballot was a sham (for Wii U/3DS) Corrin and Bayonetta were always chosen just to promote their recent games. No one even knew who Corrin was because Fates wasn't even released yet. Sakurai himself even admitted in an interview that he didn't really want to add another Fire Emblem character but Nintendo demanded it. I feel the same with Bayonetta whether Nintendo/Sakurai will ever admit it or not. Her series (while I do love both games) sold like crap and I'm not saying she wasn't #1 in Europe but come on that's 1 region. Guarentee you the NA and especially Japan had a different choice. Why do you think we FINALLY got Ridley after all of this time of begging and pleading. Sakurai finally listened and even said himself the only reason he was added was due to NA fan demand. So Europe and NA got their characters. What about Japan? Guess who is highly requested over there (besides Inklings which were a given) are Ashley from Warioware and King K.Rool.

"Her series (while I do love both games) sold like crap " Okay first of all, sales shouldn't matter. Okami is one of the greatest games of all time, not known for selling well...
Also lets say Bayonetta was planned already. Okay fine, then absolutely nothing came from the ballot. My point was the costumes were unrelated.

"Sakurai himself even admitted in an interview that he didn't really want to add another Fire Emblem character but Nintendo demanded it." Could I see a source for that, considering he is an incredibly huge Fire Emblem fan, and from what I have read, he is the one who has decided these things. I HIGHLY doubt that Nintendo demanded it, but it could be the case.

"Guess who is highly requested over there (besides Inklings which were a given) are Ashley from Warioware and King K.Rool." According to who? DKC is far, far, far bigger in America and EU than Japan. None of the actual ballot results were actually released. I really, really doubt Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, or Monster Hunter characters were lower than King K Rool. I can defenitley see his character having a following there, but Rare games never really were huge in Japan. When Americans and Europeans were going crazy over DKC, Japanese Super Famicom users were going crazy over Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest. I'm not saying don't think that there isn't a following there, but I'd be concerned if the source was only a few small polls, etc. If there is something larger I don't know about, sure, but even something like a Famitsu poll would be very inaccurate for most Smash fans in Japan.

Source: https://nintendoeverything.com/sakurai-on-the-inclusion-of-cloud-corrin-and-bayonetta-in-smash-bros-wii-u3ds/

Sakurai mentions that since they’ve been making DLC for Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, they’ve been thinking about adding a character from a title that’s about to or just saw release. The game of choice here falls to Fire Emblem Fates, which came out in Japan back in June and will be heading west in February. Sakurai writes that he himself thought they were adding too many characters from Fire Emblem, but after speaking with the development staff, he was assured that Corrin would make for an interesting fighter.

Anyway I'm done with this back and forth and don't get it twisted I'm not putting 100% of my bets on K.Rool or Dixie making it in this time. Trust me I've learned my lesson of getting my hopes up for them since Melee. Or Smash getting any DKC music that isn't just 500 remixes of Jungle Hijinx, or a DK stage that isn't based on a jungle, or a DK assist trophy of ANY kind in Smash. Trust me I know that K.Rool's lack of an appearance in 10 years hurts his chances quite a bit. But besides him and Dixie those are literally the only two characters I feel are missing from an "Ultimate" Smash Bros considering we got Ridley and to a lesser extent Wolf back (my main in Brawl). There are no other characters I personally would be hyped to see.

I still think what Sakurai has done is phenomenal with Ultimate. I can't even imagine the hard amount of work he puts into this series. I just feel he overlooks the DKC series a little too much considering how popular and influential the series is. But I am in no way discrediting Sakurai or his work. I think he's a great developer and I hope once he finishes this game he gets a chance to rest since he's basically been working on Smash since Smash 4 started development in 2013. Then once he takes a break he comes back and works on something other than Smash. New IP? Uprising sequel? Another old Nintendo IP revival? I'd be game for anything really. You have some good points and trust me I've heard them all before and am well aware of the adversity us K.Rool fans have to constantly face. I just appreciate you being respectful and not "Rawr RAWR how can you like such a dumb character and your opinion sucks" type of guy. But like I said I'm done with this back and forth. Too many other stories on Gonintendo to talk about then to continue to argue about a characters chances in Smash Bros. on a 100% bullshit leak post. lol

"Sakurai writes that he himself thought they were adding too many characters from Fire Emblem, but after speaking with the development staff, he was assured that Corrin would make for an interesting fighter." Thats the development staff, not Nintendo. From what I read it first of all sounds like Sakurai was on board after the meeting, and also, if development staff wanting their characters in the game is the reason why they get in the game, then I am all for it. The sucky part of that is, again, since Rare is gone, there really is no internal push for K Rool, I promise you if Nintendo bought the rest of Rare in 2001, K Rool would have been in Smash by now, but i see no evidence of any internal passion for the character.

"I just appreciate you being respectful and not "Rawr RAWR how can you like such a dumb character and your opinion sucks" type of guy. But like I said I'm done with this back and forth. " Oh yeah sure, thank you too, I have seen many a site (not being involved with, just seen) with far more aggressive conversations over stupider things.

All I hope is that after this, Sakurai never has to touch Smash again, I hope that is why they are making ultimate how it is. The guy left HAL in the first place to stop making sequels, and yet half of the games he has worked on since are Smash. Sakurai needs to work on newer, and hopefully lighter, projects. He is the same person who came up with Meteos, Kirby, Smash, and completely reworked Kid Icarus, clearly he has more great ideas.

I agree that you should post rumors like this, if just for a conversation starter or point of interest... but this one feels beyond fake. If Squeenix didn't have any news of FFVII for E3, they're definitely not gonna have any for a random Nintendo Direct a month later. A 3D remake of Mother 3 is also a pretty ridiculous concept... there are a few GBA games that didn't age well, but Mother 3's clean art style holds up perfectly today, with nothing to be gained by remaking it. They'd have more sales for less of an investment if they just released a compilation of the entire series.

Also, Doshin the Giant HD? I will literally eat my words if that's true. Smeared with wasabi.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:56pm
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Let's run down all the reasons this is fake.

Funko Pops isn't a Direct announcement, lets be real.

New Super Mario World, sure whatever. Playable Wario, lol whatever. But Blue Toad? The Waluigi fans will be rioting.

Mario Maker, sure, whatever. Levels can only be edited? What does that mean?

Delfino Island in Odyssey, yeah to just shut some people up I guess?

That Mario Kart DLC. Yeah sure. Equally likely as it is not likely.

Mother 3D - Suuuuuuuuure.

Mortal Kombat X - Maybe.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Nope. Not with the seeming "Issues" Square has with UE4 and any other ports *cough* Dragon Quest

Fallout 76? Not happening.

Zelda MC pack? Eh, anything is possible there.

Star Fox Racing - Let the rumour die.

Mega Man 11, sounds reasonable enough.

More Let's Go, also reasonable.

Fire Emblem, reasonable.

Dream Friends, reasonable.

Final Fantasy 7. Suuuuuure it is.

Sonic Mania Plus gets a trailer despite already being out and another new character?

Cuphead? Eh.....maaaaybe? Big financial maybe.

Why show Tennis, Sonic (Again), Rocket League (Some more), Owlboy, various other things, that have been out for months?

King K Rool and Dixie? I couldn't care less.

Thu Jul 12 18 07:17pm
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I think the Mario Maker thing was a typo. They probably meant to say something along the lines of "levels can only be edited in portable mode, but can be played in either portable or docked", which is why the game comes with a stylus. So, about as unlikely as everything else on the list.

'Kingdom Hearts 3 - Nope. Not with the seeming "Issues" Square has with UE4 and any other ports *cough* Dragon Quest" There is no reasonable way the issues with DQXI are related to UE4. Either it is taking so long because they are adding new content, which while possible is still unconfirmed, or the team was just very unprepared and/or incompetent for the task.

The problem with all this is, if it was all true you can be sure they would have used E3 to reveal a big slice of it. There is no way they would have held all this back if it were true.

A 4chan rumour where there's no proof or even a tripcode to back previous claims up shouldn't be reported regardless of circumstance. There are dozens of these "real leaks" popping up day after day and taking a completely unsourced one like this could potentially damage GN's credibility.

Thu Jul 12 18 07:09pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yeah this "leak" is legit fake. Why would Nintendo show all of that only a mere MONTH after E3? Hell if Nintendo had ALL of this to show as well as some good 3rd party games why didn't they show that during E3 than spending 25 minutes on Smash Bros? Hell if FF7 Remake or Kingdom Hearts 3 were coming to Switch I would've expected those announcements in the Square E3 presentation. Hell we didn't even get any FF7 this year at ANY conference what makes you think they would choose to show it off in a Nintendo Direct of ALL places?

EDIT: Not to mention the overabundance of Mario...you're telling me we're gonna get Odyssey DLC, MK8D DLC, New Super Mario World, Mario Maker port, Mario Tennis Aces character trailers, and probably a new trailer for Super Mario Party? That's wayyy too much Mario for one direct as well as one year on one console...

Geez is this guy even trying?

Nintendo is never going to open a Direct with Funko pop, if even putting it in a Direct at all. You always open with a strong game, not licensing news. Licensing isn't something Nintendo seems keen to include in Directs. We are not getting a new Mario Maker and New Super Mario Bros. That one team isn't capable of that. Also Nintendo would come up with a more original title than "New Super Mario World".
Fallout 76..... uh.... why wait until July to announce that? When it was revealed just one month ago.... With Doom they had the excuse of Quakecon.... Why would you also not mention KH3 during E3? They already showed the game 3 separate times there, slipping in the Switch logo once then wouldn't have hurt. Why would Sonic Mania Plus get a trailer if it is already out? We aren't getting a 3D Mother game. Unless Itoi is involved, and he seems to not want to make any more. Nintendo never shows montages during Directs, Directs are giant montages. And they really would never include prereleased games in that. Wasting time with Rocket League and Mario Tennis would be incredibly idiotic, UNLESS there was new content.

Oh, and Nintendo isn't going to be holding a Direct on a weekend. People probably want to enjoy their days off, I doubt anyone would be thrilled to come into work for a Direct which could be easily in the middle of the week.

Please don't start reporting every random Direct rumor, especially those from 4chan, and if you do, at least vet them. There are a lot of things here which are clearly not going to happen.

Wonder what people would say if some of these came true. Squeenix and Nintendo becoming BFF again and suddenly FF7R is coming to Switch. Oh dear me, a new world war could come along. Sony and Nintendo fanboys on the streets throwing their favourite peripherals at each other.

Mother 3D? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... The nerdgasm form the fans would cause counties.. No.. Continents to crumble.

But there were actually a couple of things that caught my beautiful brown and green eyes. One is KH3. Since Nintendo might have gone more for the 20-30's market with the Switch, they still have a very family friendly image, and all them Disney characters could be a thing. But at the same time they could also cater to the more adult market with MKX, and that with all the DLC.

The Mario KArt DLC would not surprise me AT ALL. Acually I think something like that could and will happen. It's selling like cray on Switch and they want that to continue (and that mobile game)

The Star Fox GP game seems also to be a thing. It could be taht Retro were just not ready enough to show it this E3, but might have worked hard on it for it's first showing.

I'm going to take most of this with a galaxy of salt though.

In any case, this was a fun little change in pace for this week here at GN ;)

It would be overwhelmingly strange to have Pop! figures highlighted in a Direct.

Of course. And I was mostly talking about what I could see happen from this "list". The first part was supposed to be a silly joke.

Oh, I was agreeing with you.

AH! Gotcha then, mate! ;)

I vote fake, too. This direct would be FAR better than their E3 event... It's stuff Nintendo would have put in their E3 presentation if it was true. The 3D Mother 3 announcement is the kind of thing you end E3 on to blow people's minds.

This shouldn't even be posted, its exactly what the switch needs but NONE of it is going to happen.

LOL Mother 3D should already have been enough to tell you it's fake. All the other crazy stuff like FF7 remake, and Fallout 76 take it to another level.

I see fallout 76 believable only if Panic Button is working on it. If you see their interview in another post, PB said that more big ports are coming for the switch from them, so maybe this is one of those games.

For casual Switch owners: believe me when I tell you that Dark Souls' difficulty is $#!+ compared to Cuphead's. Don't be fooled by its pretty 2d graphics; this game will own you, again... and again x.x

It's a trial and error kinda game. But it sure is a blast. Apart from that game my XO is more of a DVD/BR player....

Oh my God if the Mother 3 3D rumour turns out to be true! I swear, Mother 3 is on the most amazing and powerful games I've ever played, and boy would it be amazing if they do it full justice in 3D.

What makes me not believe this rumor is how are they gonna cram all of those games in a "30 minute" direct... Hell, Nintendo spent half an hour explaining smash bros ultimate alone

A new Mario game in the style of NSMBU, no thanks. Lets hope this is fake and that style of Mario games die with the Wii U. I would like a new 2d Mario game though.

But in the painted style like Soda-Jungle 4? Don't you think that'd be cool?

I think that'd be cool.

Crazier things have happened but I’m still thinking this is fake. Too much too soon after a lousy E3. Why not show this stuff at E3? I guess the argument could be made that they’re making up for it or wanted E3 to be about Smash but I’m just not buying it.

Also Doshin the Giant HD? Come on! What's next Captain Rainbow HD? A Switch port of Codename S.T.E.A.M? Steel Diver 2: Still Diving?

I always find funny how many of these leaks shown remastered versions of games nobody played or bombed. Feels like wishful thinking from the OPs

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