Huawei positioning their Mate20 X as a Switch competitor...at three times the price

I foresee bad things ahead for Huawei and their Mate20 X. The company recently held a press event to give a rundown on hardware specs, and also made a point to position the device as a Switch competitor. As you can see, it has a bigger screen and also offers some sort of traditional gaming controls. Whether those controls come in-box remain to be seen. Why do I think the Mate20 X won't stand a chance against Switch? I'm mainly thinking price, as the device is currently listed for 899 Euro, which would be over $1,000 in the states.

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Hi I’m Joe CEO from Huawei, and today we’re going to compare Oranges to Apples.

Hi I’m Joe CEO from Huawei, and today we’re going to compare Oranges to Apples.

Is this the new phone they revealed today? I heard earlier on a radio show that they were showing off a new model. At that price, it can't be a serious competitor.

Where going to say that kids have $1000 iPads todays, but I see that you can get ”iPads” for $100 too todays!

What are you saying?

Actually got my iPad when I bought my Phone. They were making my phone 100$ cheaper if I "bought" the iPad for 0$... so effectively, I bought it at -100$.

Maybe it will be cheaper in the States. For some odd reason, the newer iPhones that are more than a grand in the US, are even more expensive in Europe.

Tue Oct 16 18 04:59pm
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They’re not really more expensive. They’re adjusted for exchange rates.

Example, the iPhone XS is USD$999, and €1179 but the US price doesn’t include tax.

Forget price. The problem with Android is that it doesn't have great games. Let's pretend for a minute that this phone is half the cost of the Switch. Why would I get this phone for $150 that plays phone games when I can get a Switch for $300 that plays Super Mario Odyssey?

Wow, I can't wait to play games with just an analog stick with no ability to use a TV. SIGN ME RIGHT UP!

Tue Oct 16 18 04:45pm
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I don't think the candy crush playing crowd is going to invest on $300 gaming consoles that only serve that purpose, and where every major game costs $60 on top.
It's funny how everyone wants to be a Switch competitor now despite not even being close to the same league. "Our VR headset is a competitor to the Switch because it can be used to play video games I guess"

Also, where's the Gamevice lawyers threatening them since they very clearly and undoubtedly invented the concept of detachable controllers?

Well... at least they have a real D-pad. :P

Tue Oct 16 18 06:49pm
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I don't want the Chinese government to potentially spy on me

I might be wrong, but I don't see a bright future for this device. Neither as a handheld gaming system or personal smartphone.

Both screens are showing up Arena of Valor (originally a smartphone MOBA), so yeah, playing this mobile MOBA on a bigger screen could be a selling point, BUT it's a very niche group. Also, most eSport teams left AoV behind.

I really can't see a bright future for that. I'm honestly trying to understand what's the deal, the CEO and other guys behind the company thought process.

the support will likely be subpar, but dont knock the price. Its a smartphone, it'll probably be subsidized with phone plans so no ones actually dropping sticker price on it immediately.

Hahahahahs.....no just no.

And how many actual good and deep games are there on Android again?

Kind of disgusting how a chinese company can market stuff like this worldwide while their gouvernment prevents Nintendo (and many other non-chinese companies) from releasing their products in China.

A 7.2 inch screen is not phone sized. That is a small tablet. No one is going to carry around something that huge to make calls on.

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