Game Freak interested in utilizing more AR, voice recognition, and other advanced tech

What does the future hold for Game Freak? According to Junichi Masuda, the company wants to look into ways to help combine the real world with the virtual world. To achieve this, they plan to pay close attention to the direction of advanced technology like AR, AI, voice recognition, and more. No specific details were given on how this initiative ties into future games.

SEGA teasing something or Jan. 16th, 2018 (UPDATE)

Your guess is as good as mine with this. I have absolutely no idea what SEGA is teasing, but at least we don't have to wait too long to find out. Whatever it is, let's hope it's coming Nintendo's way!

UPDATE - Looks like we have another piece of the puzzle, as this team works with SEGA, and also happens to be teasing something for the same date.

New Pokemon-related TV show set to air in Japan

P-Sports Aim To Be A Pokémon Master

- will air on AbemaTV in Japan
- focused on Pokémon battles
- features Yamamoto from Robert, previous co-host of Japanese variety show Pokémon Sunday and Pokémon Smash
- also includes Youtuber Hajime Shacho
- four trainers including Yamamoto which people have to battle in the show to become the P-Sports Champion
- winning will earn the trainers a special trophy.
- first episode airs January 24th at 20:00

PlatinumGames official blog - Happy 2018 from PlatinumGames!

Happy new year to all of our fans! We at PlatinumGames are back from our break and hard at work, but first, we kicked off our new year with a small ceremony.

After some opening remarks, President Sato knelt down to write some new year’s calligraphy. Writing an auspicious word or phrase that you hope will resonate throughout the year is a Japanese tradition.

Full update here

Has this fan cracked the code behind today's random Twitter imagery from Nintendo?

Well now, isn't that an interesting tidbit of info? I mean, the speculation certainly lines up. We all nkow it's true that Nintendo has dropped some Directs in the past without any prior confirmation, including a couple micro Nintendo Directs. If that's the case, I guess we'll have to be on constant lookout for the rumored Direct. Stay vigilant, people!

Multiple third parties are replying to Nintendo's mysterious tweet

Earlier today, Nintendo sent out a tweet showing Chibi-Robo on fire. They gave no explanation at all. It's obviously some sort of tease for Nintendo fans, with many pegging it as being Nintendo Direct-related. Now we go even further down the rabbit hole, as third party devs are replying to the tweet.

The official Twitter accounts for Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doom, Assassin's Creed, Obsidian, and Riot Games have all responded with their own fire-related imagery. As with Nintendo's tweet, there's been no explanation.

It's pretty clear something is going on at this point, and all the companies involved are just having a bit of fun. If only Nintendo would clue us in a bit more!

Nintendo seems to be taunting Nintendo Direct hopefuls via Twitter

Two tweets, no explanation at all. Nintendo knows that people are going absolutely mad for a Nintendo Direct, and this is what they're sending out on Twitter. There's no doubt in my mind that these are playful teases to stir the pot.

Nintendo also shared the above tweet a few days ago, and then re-tweeted it yesterday. This one seems to slot in nicely with all the speculation as well.

Stop teasing and confirm the direct, Nintendo!

GameStop tweets and then quickly deletes message about a Nintendo Direct

In whatever universe GameStop is in, Nintendo had announced a Nintendo Direct and even gave out a start time. Not quite sure how GameStop managed to screw this one up, but it's clear they know something about a Direct around the corner!

Platinum looking to hire more staff

We know that Platinum Games is bringing Bayonetta 3 to Switch, so they've certainly have a lot of work ahead of them. Looks like they're aiming to bring in some more staffers to keep their projects rolling along smoothly. Below are the details of who they're looking for.

- looking for graduates who are graduating from April 2019
- positions include Artist (graphics designer), Programmer, Game Designer (planner), and Sound Engineer
- Game Designers will have to work on a contractual basis, while the rest are regular positions

Pokemon Smile Day taking place in Thailand

Pokemon Smile Day

- being hosted by True Corporation, the official licensee of the Pokemon brand in Thailand
- event will run from January 10th to 14th, 2018
- will be held at the Seacon Bangkae mall in Bangkok
- activities taking place include a Pikachu Walk, Meet and Greet with Pikachu, workshops for kids (photo taking booth, coloring, balloon decorating, DIY badges), and sale of official Pokemon merchandise