Fire Emblem Warriors - First look at Tharja

It might not be the best or cleanest look, but it's indeed our first look at Tharja in Fire Emblem Warriors. The picture comes from the Fire Emblem Cipher Festival event that was recently held in Japan. Word from the event is that Tharja is a Robin clone, and she's recruited in a new history map based on Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Awakening.

My Nintendo North America/Japan/Europe - content update for March 17th, 2018

North America

- Kirby Star Allies: Find a Friend Heart on the Kirby Star Allies website. (1) – 25
- Kirby Star Allies: Find a Friend Heart on the Kirby Star Allies website. (2) – 25
- Kirby Star Allies: Find a Friend Heart on the Kirby Star Allies website. (3) – 25
- Kirby Star Allies: Find a Friend Heart on the Kirby Star Allies website. (4) – 25
- [PC/Mobile] Kirby Star Allies (Wallpaper): 50 (available until September 2nd)


- [3DS] RecoChoku: 1 Song Code: 250 (available until March 30th)


- [Wii U] 50% Discount on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Nintendo eShop): 900 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [Wii U] 50% Discount on Fire Emblem (Virtual Console): 35 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [Wii U] 50% Discount on Pullblox World (Nintendo eShop): 50 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [3DS] 20% Discount on Fossil Fighters Frontier (Nintendo eShop): 300 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [3DS] Animal Crossing: Gardening (Nintendo 3DS Theme): 20 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Colourful Pattern (Nintendo 3DS Theme): 20 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [3DS] Yoshi’s Springtime Siesta (Nintendo 3DS Theme): 20 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]
- [Wii U / 3DS] 50% Discount on Donkey Kong 3 (Virtual Console): 25 (available until June 1st) [Europe / Australia]

Famitsu most wanted - March 1st to 7th, 2018

Persona Q2 (3DS) - 273
Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) - 209
Bayonetta 3 (Switch) - 199
Zelda Musou Hyrule Allstars DX (Switch) - 164
Hoshi no Kirby: Star Allies (Switch) - 152
Fire Emblem (Switch) - 140
Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete (Switch) - 137
Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch) - 110
Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Combi Tanjou (3DS) - below 107
Rockman 11: Unmei no Haguruma!! (Switch) - below 107

Detective Pikachu - more character art and screens

Looking to check out some more screens and art for the upcoming Detective Pikachu? The Japanese website has been updated with various character art, as well as some new screens. Hit up both links below to have a look.

More screens and character art here and here

North America - Screen for this week's eShop releases (March 17th, 2018)

These are all the official screens Nintendo released for this week's eShop additions. Any game that hit Switch, 3DS, or Wii U eShop this week will have screens in the album above.

CIRCLE Entertainment talks about moving from Wii U/3DS to Switch, plus future Switch plans

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with CIRCLE Entertainment...

NL: CIRCLE recently started supporting Switch; how does this new console differ from say, the 3DS or Wii U in terms of development options and revenue potential?

CE: Well, I think the Switch picture is constantly evolving. 2017 will surely be looked back on as a bit of a bubble – in the first few months Nintendo actively curated and therefore controlled output to 3-6 new games a week, and eager new owners snapped up releases in huge numbers. By Fall / Winter, though, we started getting 20+ games a week, and that’s the norm now. So in terms of revenue potential the game has changed. You can have a smash hit like Enter the Gungeon or Celeste (based on their eShop chart placings), a reasonable result, or disasters are possible, where a game arrives with 20 others and dies a painful death. Of the two games I’ve been involved in so far we’ve had what (I think!) are reasonable results, helped by the fact that CIRCLE / Flyhigh are known quantities and that the games had appeal to specific audiences. Part of my job is to try and keep those interested in our stuff involved and intrigued about what’s next, and we have to keep pushing to release cool games.

Based on a bit of research I think the Switch is settling into numbers maybe reflective of the sorts of sales most would see on 3DS. There’s still loads of enthusiasm among early owners, which means that if your game is decent and you get the word out you might survive release windows with 20 other games. It’s scary, though, and outside of occasional big winners it’s a challenge for everyone.

As for development options, I can talk to the sorts of games we’re publishing in the future. There’s a mix of console games, PC games that’ll make their console debut on Switch, some exclusives, and some that originated on mobile. The last one often draws some grumbles, but I think the likes of VOEZ, Deemo and OPUS: The Day We Found Earth show that games with mobile origins can have a lot to offer. In March we have games previously on PC and, yes, mobile, on the way, but all actually suit the system. That’s the thing with Switch though, it’s whatever you want it to be – you can make games you think people should play on a TV, you can make ‘portable / handheld’ games, or use touch controls if you fancy that. As a result that means games can be really varied.

NL: Could you tell us what plans CIRCLE has for Switch in 2018?

CE: We've just released World Conqueror X, while OPUS: Rocket of Whispers and Shelter Generations are very close. We’ve got a pretty long list of games on the way, some global, some ‘Western’ and some Asia-only. One that is confirmed is Picontier, from some of the same talent as Kamiko, and we have a pretty interesting range of confirmed games on our super-secret spreadsheet. We’re also actively talking about others, and as always someone from the team will be at major expos and dev events to meet developers and talk about their games; we’ll be at GDC, for example, looking for cool games that can make a splash on Switch.

Atooi's Jools Watsham talks Chicken Wiggle Workshop's Kickstarter, Mutant Mudds Collection's success, future game ideas, & more

Our friend Jools Watsham took to Reddit to partake in an AMA, in which he had a lot of interesting things to say about his current titles and potential upcoming projects. You can see some snippets from the AMA below, but hit up the source link for the full thing.

On the name Chicken Wiggle Workshop

At first, Re-hatched felt right, but later I realized that in the eventuality of it being available on the Switch eShop someday, it will not make sense to someone who is new to the game. Workshop helps communicate more of what it is than Re-hatched. I spent ages kicking around name ideas for it, and in the end I felt Chicken Wiggle Workshop was a good way to go in an effort to retain fans of the original idea and help appeal to new players.

On Mutant Mudds Collection's success after the temporary price drop

The Mudds sale has been fantastic. I had low expectations, but thankfully it has performed very well. It has sold more units in the sale than the entire period before it on Switch. They're all sold at 50%, but still - a great result that I am very thankful for.

On Chicken Wiggle Workshop only coming to Switch if the Kickstarter is a success

Sadly, no. If the Chicken Wiggle Workshop kickstarter is not successful we will not move forward with any version of the game for Switch. Based on the low sales performance of some past titles I must be more cautious moving forward in an effort to avoid commercial failures. Too many missteps and suddenly I will no longer be able to make my own games. I love making my own games, so I am making every effort to make Atooi a success.

On other genres Jools would like to tackle

I like most genres that are based in action gameplay, so I don't expect I would make an RTS for example. But almost anything else is possible. Like I said previously, I would like to make a 3D platformer some day. I would like to make an action RPG (Zelda style). I would also like to dip back into survival horror and racing. I like 'em all! :)

On Mutant Mudds Collection's physical release, and potential for an HD version of Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter

I am not sure when we will be announcing more details of the physical Switch release for Mutant Mudds Collection. Soon, I hope. :) Yeah, an HD version of Mudds and Xeo in the same way as Chicken Wiggle would be very interesting and is something we can discussed. So, yeah, maybe.

Pokemon Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - Regigigas and Heatran codes being distributed in North America

- available in North America
- codes for the second month of the Legendary Pokémon Year events have begun to be sent out
- codes come in the Trainer Club Newsletter
- each e-mail only provides one code
- get a Regigigas in Pokémon Sun and Ultra Sun or Heatran in Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon
- distributions differ between Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
- Pokémon being Level 60 in Sun & Moon and Level 100 holding a Gold Bottle Cap in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Detective Pikachu - amiibo unboxing

Sure, Detective Pikachu might be pretty big in the world of amiibo, but he doesn't hold a candle to the Yarn Yoshi giant amiibo! I think Yoshi may forever hold onto the record of biggest amiibo. That is, unless we're counting the Super Mario Cereal box amiibo!

The gruff, tough-talking Detective Pikachu has a big personality that’s only matched by his extra-large amiibo

Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems is a Pokémon adventure unlike any other. (Check out our preview to learn more about it!) It seems only fitting that such a unique game gets an equally unique accessory to go with it. The Detective Pikachu amiibo figure is not just a beautifully sculpted representation of the charming character, but thanks to its incredible size, it's bound to become the centerpiece of your amiibo collection.

Measuring in at just over 5 inches tall (including its base), the Detective Pikachu amiibo is mighty impressive. Check out the map that decorates the base and the texturing on his iconic hat, which does a fantastic job of making plastic feel like stiff felt. Of course, it's the amiibo's size that stands out above all else, so we wanted to look at how this cool piece stacks up against other household items.

Full feature here