SEGA asked for fan input to shape the future of the Puyo Puyo series

What's poppin'?

The Puyo Puyo franchise offers up fantastic puzzling, but it never seemed to reach the heights of other big-name puzzle games. That said, it has been getting more notoriety lately, thanks to a crossover with Tetris in Puyo Puyo Tetris. It seems that SEGA is planning to capitalize on that attention.

SEGA recently ran a survey that was looking for fan input on the series. The survey, now closed, was being used to help shape the future of the series. The fact that the survey was aimed at English-speaking fans also bodes well for the franchise's future outside of Japan.

Hopefully we see the results of this survey soon via a new game release, or localization for a title that never saw launch outside of Japan.

Kirby series general director and producer explain who Kirby is to them, and what the future of HAL looks like

Kirby will live on forever!

HAL has just celebrated its 40th anniversary, which is why Nintendo Dream magazine swung by the studio for an interview. The magazine had the chance to talk to Kirby series general director Shinya Kumazaki and producer Tadashi Kamitake about a number of things, including how they view Kirby. Check out their answers below.

Kumazaki: “Depending on the position, I’d say the answer changes, but as the general director, to me Kirby is “a grand creation that has been passed down to me”. Even now, I’m walking alongside Kirby through trial and error, thinking what’s good, and what’s good for him.

As a game developer, Kirby is something like an “icon” which many people casually see, but allows them to understand the deep ‘fun’ that lies beyond the surface. And for me personally… despite having been with him for a long time, he’s still a “always-shifting and mysterious individual” full of mysteries and infinite possibilities.”

Kamitake: “What I see with Kirby is a mysterious existence that has a distinct personality in that he can suck anything up, yet is like a blank sheet of paper in that he can become anything depending on who he sucks up. Yet it’s because he embodies to two opposite extremes that he can become an indestructible superhero yet while being a friend you can get close to. I believe that you can feel a wide range of charm from him that can’t be compared to anything else. That’s why I think everyday of ways to share various sorts of Kirby’s charm with everyone in ways that aren’t just cool or cute.”

Both Kumazaki and Kamitake shared thoughts on the future for HAL as well, seeing as the company just hit its 40th anniversary.

Kumazaki: “I feel that HAL is a rare case of a company which was created to be a video game company, and has continued to be so for the entire time for 40 years. Despite being a company organization, each person is so unique and values individuality, and by creating an environment where everyone is able to focus on what they like, we’ve been able to continue on as a games company for 40 years.

I believe that I will continue to take on new challenges while handling the series and environment that has been passed down through many generations to me, while continuing to improve upon it, together with all 173 of our distinctive staff.”

Kamitake: “If you think of HAL Laboratory, many people will think of Kirby, but we’re actually a company which thrives on “creation”, with people of different generations using the various skills, such as our new challenge in Kame Sanpo; and the PasocomMini, which is based on our history. As this year is a milestone with our 40th anniversary, I’d like to continue to challenge new things together with our staff from young to old, in order to make this a year to remember for everyone via the results of our “creation”, so please look forward to HAL Laboratory this year as well.”

XSEED shares titles they considered renaming Harvest Moon before settling on Story of Seasons

Plow and Propose?!

The Harvest Moon series eventually was renamed by XSEED to Story of Seasons due to a licensing issue, but the team was also throwing around some other name ideas before they settled on what we have today. As you can see above, they considered titles like Summer Solstice, Autumn Wind, and Plow & Propose. I honestly can't believe they considered the last name. That has to be a joke!

Did You Know Gaming - Animal Crossing Easter Eggs

Did you know?

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding the Animal Crossing series including the GameCube original, Animal Crossing New Leaf, as well as Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch.

Abylight hosting eShop sale with some titles up to 50% off

Grab some savings!

Abylight is currently hosting a sale on the Switch eShop, and a number of titles are included. Check out the games and their prices below.

- Cursed Castilla - $7
- Super Hydora - $10
- Hyper Light Drifter - $10
- Qbics Paint - $2.50
- Cursed Castilla (3DS) - $6

These sale prices will be available until April 9th, 2020, and are up for grabs in both North America and Japan.

Nintendo says Dr. Kawashima's polygonal face was inspired by StarFox's Andross

Uncle Kawashima, I've failed you!

Ever since Dr. Kawashima first appeared in the Brain Age series, he's sported a very polygonal face. It's a look that Nintendo has stuck with for every iteration of the character, and now we know where it comes from. In an interview with Nintendo and Dr. Kawashima himself, Nintendo developer and producer Kouichi Kawamoto reveals that none other than Andross from StarFox was the team's inspiration. Check out the details below, as translated by Oni Dino.

In our initial proposal, we planned to use Dr. Kawashima’s actual likeness, but it felt really strange having his actual face appear in the DS game. So afterward, we put together another idea that had Dr. Kawashima illustrated as a character with a graduation cap on, but our department head at the time, Takahashi, saw it and said, “Nah, this is no good.” He gave us a few suggestions and from there we imagined the final boss from “Star Fox”, and that’s how we decided on this rough, polygonal look.

...but we of course had to make some changes to make him more of an amusing character. Takahashi and the head designer put a lot of love into it, but I was still worried if Dr. Kawashima would give us his approval on the design. Many university professors are quite serious, right? I remember being on my way to the university to talk with him, figuring he was going to hate it.

Nintendo Dream magazine's "Favorite Character" poll for the May 2020 issue

Kirby and the commanding lead

The May 2020 issue of Nintendo Dream magazine is now available in Japan, and once again it includes the results for their monthly favorite character poll. Kirby continues to hold onto the top spot by a very considerable number. Will anyone be able to take him down?!

Kirby (Kirby) – 189pt
Mario (Super Mario) – 105pt
Pikachu (Pokémon) – 84pt
Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Luigi (Super Mario)
Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
Hatsune Miku (Hatsune Miku)
Raihan (Pokémon)
Yoshi (Super Mario)

GameSpot Video - How Animal Crossing Came From One Of Nintendo's Biggest Failures

Animal Crossing is an unconventional kind of game that is loved by many, but did you know that its origins lie in a failed piece of Nintendo hardware.

You may not remember it, but at one time the Nintendo 64 had an add-on peripheral called the 64DD. Before the end of its short lifespan, Nintendo designed a game about hanging out with cute animals in a single field and completing small tasks. That game was Animal Forest, better known today as Animal Crossing.

The beloved series has gone on to sell millions and is one of the most recognizable video game franchises around, but its inception lies in an ambitious and, ultimately, failed hardware project. In this video we take a look back at the origins of Animal Crossing, and tell the story of its unlikely beginnings, its almost demise, and its ultimate success.

NIS America hosting "Hidden Gems" eShop sale until April 5th, 2020

A perfect time to grab some lesser-known games

NIS America is running a 'Hidden Gems' eShop sale that'll net you up to 60% off some of their titles. You have until April 5th, 2020 to take advantage, so don't wait too long! Check out the games included and their discounts below.

Culdcept Revolt (3DS) – $11.99 (was $29.99)
Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory – $15.99 (was $39.99)
God Wars: The Complete Legend – $15.99 (was $39.99)
Happy Birthdays – $19.99 (was $39.99)
Penny-Punching Princess – $15.99 (was $39.99)
The Caligula Effect: Overdose – $24.99 (was $49.99)
The Longest Five Minutes – $15.99 (was $39.99)
The Lost Child – $19.99 (was $49.99)
Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded – $24.99 (was $49.99)
Yomawari: The Long Night Collection – $19.99 (was $39.99)

Netflix working on a live-action adaptation of Dragon's Lair, Ryan Reynolds in talks for the lead role

Ryan Reynolds loves his video game tie-ins

Netflix has been dabbling with video game adaptations for awhile now, and they've had some serious success. There's an Angry Birds series in the works, the Witcher has been a phenomenal hit, and Castlevania's fourth season is in the works now. Next up on the slate of gaming collaborations is a live-action version of Dragon's Lair.

Netflix announced the news via Twitter today, and they say that Ryan Reynolds is in talks to play Dirk the Daring. Even better, the original Dragon's Lair team of Don Bluth, Roy Lee, Trevor Engelson, Gary Goldman and Jon Pomeroy are on board to produce the feature. Daniel and Kevin Hageman, who handled the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series, and also assisted with The LEGO Ninjago Movie, are set to write the feature.


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